Sunday, June 1, 2014

Logic -The Death of Civilization -- whoa baby! they've only just gotten ...

Logic, The Death of Civilization.

The primary dictum of reality is paradox, not logic.

Logic is the sort of game that works on a blank piece of paper, the favorite departure point of ancient geometers who failed to recognize the invisible graviton that would bring down their temples.
As for it being the death of civilization, search the record of history.  Already numerous civilizations have fallen because of the conceit and arrogance of logicians supposing themselves to be wise.  Supposition is useless in the face of actuality.  A fish at a baited hook is found to be wiser than they.  Here higher forms of intelligence, real or imagined, prey upon such humanity.  With the same outcome of futility for the victim as heretofore.
The brain works better as a constituent of nature.  But that is a far cry from the errant nature of deductions based on concrete evidence that no human being would have the time to peruse let alone reach functional conclusions thereby.  There is a form of co-ordination of thought that surpasses the nature of logic that if employed would enable the thinker to solve elemental and primary problems confronting his or her reality.
When I was a teenager, I used to call it "zeric", or zero logic.  It's a way of stepping back so one doesn't fall prey to not seeing the forest for the trees.

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