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In Travels

In Travels in this spinning world, in blues and then in greens, I never paused to see the ones all scattered in between.  For there is but the tragic, despite their promise fair - of mankind locked in crusted walls and of the unaware ...

The Establishment

As soon as they start building it, it starts falling down.  That is the essence of "the establishment".  In a word: "tenuous".  Those who participate in it are cooperating in a flimsy, faulty concoction of corrupt legal systems and inadequate and decrepit infrastructures.  Everyone there is subject to the merciless, draconian scrutiny of vicious gossips and in the deadly grip of secrecy and innuendo.  It is "The Establishment" and this is your life unless you are among the very few that have managed to escape it ...


When I decided to be an artist, I was deciding what the world needed most.  So I needed a transport mechanism.  My paintings became a way to travel.  Would find myself in a scene that I painted only years later.  Little did I know that I was also be doing paintings of the future and that there would be those who would try to stop me.


I used to watch the beauty of water as it dropped away from my eye to the sidewalk below at the window of the top floor window.  It would make a silver ball which I had the privelage of studying before it hit the pavement below.  I especially watch the water fall from my styrofoam coffee cup whenever I was depressed.  Then one day a woman walked right under a droplet that splashed on her head.  She looked up and saw me, I waved back, hoping she might understand, but she walked right into the building and a short while later, the dean himself came upstairs and I was almost expelled from the art school.  Maybe no one realizes the extreme beauty of water, especially as it goes into free-fall ...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

In Travels in this Spinning World - by Paul A. L. Hall (1986, Lancaster, New Zealand)

In travels in this spinning world,
 in blues and then in greens,
I never stopped to see the ones
 all scattered in between.

But there were voices all along
 that hushed in passing years,
Of arguments of rights and wrongs,
 of settlements and fears.

The fathers of the nomads,
 who taught their children hope,
Were, I think, the kindest
 as birth began its grope.

They did not pause to see the shine
 of caravans of spangles,
They were the pilgrims of the stars,
 not stuck in crossroad mangles.

For there, where highways intersect,
 the prisoners do stay.
But those who can escape regret
 are those who got away.

You cannot trust in fancy man
 who never can decide,
If he will remain today
 or if away he'll ride.

In travels in this spinning world,
 in blues and then in greens,
I never stopped to see the ones
 all scattered in between.

For there is but the tragic,
 despite their promise fair,
of mankind
     in crusted walls,
And of the unaware ...

Self Portrait (Writing an anthology of poetry)
Tennant Creek (Out Back), Australia, 1986.

Performance of the poem put to music by me on guitar, harmonica and vocal :

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Moonlit Dreams -- Original by Paul Hall on Native American Flute.

Others think we imagine it, but on nights of the full moon our dreams seem especially mysterious.  Many remember dreams from a while back that they had on the nights of a full moon, or so it seems ...

Original melody on Native American Flute and original art (ball-point black pen on newsprint) by Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart on You Tube.

Dangerous Lightning Thunderstorm -- Original by Paul Hall on Native Amer...

In storms, there is a great danger in the open land, as the earth and sky talk with bright streaks seeking riders between them to serve as guides, in the deadly noises ...

The Fraction of the Original Pangaen Land-Mass

The remains of Pangaea is the large land mass that is resulting in huge meteorological aberrations in the 21st century such as the expansion of the Gobi/Saharan desert band (partially due to the centrum of large land areas and also human desertification), and the increase of severity of Monsoons in the Indian Sub-Continent, the resultant "Killer Monsoons" which used to be merely gentle rainy seasons a couple of decades ago.

The land mass is supposedly home to 3 continents, but that is a misnomer, in that it's just one large one, with so-called "Europe" actually Western Asia, and "Africa" (or Afridittica) as the Southwest Asian segment.  The American segments split away as the planet expanded due to an accumulation of space dust and water from the cosmic rain of cometary activity in the ecliptic plane (in a sense the cosmic rain falls mainly in the plane), and, since the crust is sial (silicon/aluminum) floating on a viscus sea of sima (silicon/magnesium - slightly heavier and more dense) the slightest extra weight such as that of hydrogen hydroxide (water) can cause the surface to recede and bowl out in moving platelets at the profundity of the central depth of the seven seas (in a sense, they seas the moment).

Weather Warfare

There was definite weather warfare during the cold war. In fact it seems the former Soviet Union was the first to use microwave energy to cause droughts mainly in the United States. But now the United States in conjunction with, so it seems, Dutch elitists (a Dutch airline owned, it seems, by one of the Dutch royal family working with the U.S. Air Force), have developed relatively advanced microwave weather weaponry in the Alaskan Wilderness.
And if they are doing that, it seems to have backfired on them, and they are resorting to nanosized aluminum climate control to stem the resultant out-of-control warming, which I myself observed on a personal trip across North American in 2012, including a cursory investigation of devastating droughts that were sort of hushed-up.

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Nightmare of Biology

The nightmare of biology -- in which the human being is the nightmare...

  • The Context of Extra-Ecological Biological Expansiveness of a Species
The introduction of an individual species into a new Biome, in which there are no predatory controls or insufficient controls is the nightmare scenario.  In this instance, the specific species can completely overtake the environment and cause certain degrees of ecological collapse in the region.

This is specifically amplified by transportation of the species intentionally or unintentionally, by human beings.  This is epitomised by "the royalty syndrome" in which a human being seeks status by the ownership of dangerous living specimens, similar to the ancient days when rulers kept ferocious beasts next to their thrones to impress visitors.

When an environment is suitable for escaped animals or plants, they tend to thrive in places where there is no predation regulation.  The situation, exasperated by human transportation of species, has a tendency to destroy the feasibility of an entire local ecosystem and results in a dysfunctional environment.

  • The Destruction of Natural Cycles Vital to Life in Locales and Ultimately Planet-Wide
Cycles in all areas of the planet are ultimately affected by interruptions in any locale if the impact is sizable enough.  Elements and compounds pass through the system in renewable cycles that afford all life the needed elements for existence.  When interruptions occur, there is an inevitable breakdown and life ceases to exist.

These impairments of cycles are specifically amplified by a lack of instinctual biological awareness, intentionally or unintentionally by human beings.  This is epitomized by the "tycoon syndrome", in which a human being seeks status by the ownership of enterprises that produce inordinate wealth for that person, similar to the ancient days when bankers established lending institutions to finance feudal military campaigns and other activities, taking the act of financing away from governments and rulers.

When an environment is suitable for rampant financial development, enterprises tend to thrive in places where there is no responsible regulation.  The situation, exasperated by the human preoccupation with wealth, has a tendency to destroy the feasibility of an entire local ecosystem and results in a dysfunctional environment.

  • The Nightmare Scenario of Biological Power and the Context of Human Existence
Right of existence is governed by the adaptability of a species to its environment and the assumption of an ecological niche or natural reciprocal duty within an ecosystem, it's biome, and the entire planet.  When an organism such as the human being comes to supersede the failsafe of ecological controls and limitations, it becomes the catastrophic life form.

The life form will keep on reproducing, thus making its impact equivalent to the slowed-down explosion of a biological bomb.  The inference of a species that summarily blocks and destroys all infrastructure of life-cycles and vitality of the planet-wide life support into any aspect of planetary life systems or ecosystems, results in the establishment of the "biological bomb" which leads to ultimate catastrophic failure of all life altogether -- hence the "Nightmare Scenario".

This blockage is specifically amplified by the success of the human being to reproduce itself, despite the lengthy gestation period of the human foetus, and the accompanying double-decade period needed for the complete development of the human brain from infancy to maturity.  The life-support blockage is epitomized by the "latch-key syndrome", in which the gestating foetus and the maturing infant are subjected to the preoccupation of adults to aberrant behaviour such as the Tycoon and Royalty syndromes, in which the child is considered sub-human and becomes neglected.

When an environment is suitable for warped infantile development, and other things not covered in this article, the resultant "biological bomb" of successful reproduction enters a vicious cycle of successive generations of more vicious mutations and deformed individuals.  The situation, exasperated by human susceptibility to desire to the exclusion of responsibility, has a tendency to destroy the feasibility of an entire local ecosystem and results in not only a dysfunctional environment, but ultimately the destruction of the planetary environment altogether, ultimately resulting in the destruction and demise of all biological function and existence altogether.  A baron planet, in which the function of biology has reached term and demised.  With nothing left but the raw elements alone.

  • The Human Being IS the Nightmare of The Nightmare of Biology
How the human being came to exist is at the heart of this problem, that if perhaps humans were once a part of an ideal ecological situation and were modified either by chance or intention into the catastrophic catalyst humanity has now become.  But that is now a moot point.  The reality is that humankind has now become the Nightmare of Biology that will lead to the desolation of all life on Earth unless some intervention or governance intervenes to rescue life and restore its functionality.

Thre is no recollection of IF the Nightmare Scenario of Biology has often or at all occurred in the past of the Earth, unless, hypothetically, the planets are escaping the sun's gravity field and Mars was long ago in the Earth's orbit and had equal life factors which eventually mitigated into lifelessness, in the present Martian orbit, and subsequently Mars will "seventy-eight needle" out to the orbit of the present asteroid belt, and disintegrate into micro planetoids between the gravity of the collected asteroidal segments into a new Jupiter gas giant in their newly acquired gas belt of the solar system and the gravity of the sun, and so on, with the planet Venus assuming the Earth orbit and re-adapting its ecological realization as the new habitant of the "Ecological Belt" of solar system orbits.

At any rate, a planet Earth in its assumption of the Martian "Desolate Rocky Planet Belt", would have accompanying documentation of demise, which the Nouveau Biological Venutians might be able to interpret.  If so, then the Martian fragment retrieved from Antarctica in the 20th century, may possibly upon re-examination, be discovered to contain actual documentation of its sojourn and demise in the earlier Ecological Belt existence.

  • Summary
In any case, my view is to leave things as they go, let nature take its course, so to speak, and OBSERVE if there is any extra terrestrial intervention, such as cometary or asteroidal catastrophic impact, or migration of the planetary mass from ecological to desolate orbital positions away from solar proximity, or if even as some theorise, perhaps even some sort of supposed or imagined if not actual intelligent intervention, perhaps at the eleventh hour, to put a halt to the biological nightmare of humanity itself, mutating the survivors into a benign species or maybe even two types of such, in the which the upgraded humankind becomes totally ecologically compatible at last.  Let it be and we shall see ...

"The Silent Singing Universe"  by me, Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart (Paris, 1980):

"Mister Destiny" by me, Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart (Paris, 1980 - I got the title 10 years before the movie):

Friday, August 21, 2015

El Condor Passa - the outcry of subjugated humanity

El Condor Passa --
By Daniel Robles &made famous by Simon&Garfunkel. Here on my rudimentary Peruvian Pipes, I examine once again some of the musical discoveries of that great singer/songwriter from Latin America. But instead of the singer saying he'd rather be a hammer than a nail, in the real song it's a native miner crying out to the condor, the huge bird that only appears when something has passed away, to remove him from the horror of the oppression of the foreign bosses and take him back to the mountains. It has a lot in common with songs such as "The Bonny, Bonny banks o' Loch Loman" and "The Green, Green Grass of Home" in that only when they passed away would they be able to return home far from the oppressor. A prisoner of labor, a prisoner of war, and a prisoner of death row. All share the common irony.

El Condor Passa - Cover by Paul Hall on Pan Pipes

No Emoticon can Express What's Coming

I would send you flowers, and emoticon hearts, and espresso with croissant and console you all with pretty pictures -- but alas, they must appear for you, if ever at all, out of thin air. For these be the days of conflict up ahead, where only the most brave may keep his or her own mind and only the compassionate e're survive the astonishment without succumbing to heart failure ...

The man-made, synthetic world, dictated to by the Wall Street Bourse All-Ordinaries bottome line of profitibility, is on a crash-course with oblivion, perhaps in the life times of many alive now.  There simply are things that absolutely must be done that nobody of means is going to pay for.

Unless humanity is going to become prepared to work for free as does the rest of nature, there will be no respite, no break, in the relentless lunge of the collossal failure of the Late Great Planet Earth as a place for anything to live, from the richest tycoon with maximum life support living quarters to the most radiation-resistant cockroach.

So if you're looking at cutsie heart shapes of two hands in the sky, or flower-like designs in the foam on a cup of espresso, or sleeping cats on a key-board.  Sorry.  No smiley face for the lemmings running over this cliff.  Only the last-minute blurt of "Hey!  -- Beyond THIS point, no rescue" to the mocking crowd, intent on ignoring all warning as the rant of some delusional conspiricy theorist whom they believe is merely another troll out to get some kicks ...

Instinct Suicide (by me, Paul A. L. Hall, Paris, 1980):

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Early Bob Dylan Country Collection: A Country Album - 10 Bob Dylan songs...

  -- A full album of 10 country songs written by Bob Dylan (in the 1960's, before it was popular to be "country").  Cover performed by me: Paul Hall of paulhallart (I also did the artwork).  Since I was 9 ('55), I've been playing harmonica in a straight melodic style.  Quite a few have poked fun at my natural style joking that my harmonica playing sounds like cowboy music and that any moment they might hear someone yell "... come home, Shane!"

But I kept it up never imagining that I'd ever try to play for anyone else but myself.  But now that I'm uploading so much, with all these recordings I'm making, I discover I'm also playing the harmonica for my shelf.

Bob was my neighbor back then as well in the West Village (2 buildings over) tho I never met him.  But I almost physically ran into him once at the crack of dawn as I ran around the corner of Houston and Elizabeth streets in lower Manhattan back in the '60's with a pole lamp trying to impress my then girl friend from Wisconsin.  I was pretending to be the white knight of the then cleanser commercials seen on television back in the day.  Bob was still in his pajamas and was talking to a man in a suit with an attache case.

For more info:

The songs:

One Too Many Mornings, Tomorrow is a Long Time, Day of the Locusts, North Country Blues, Song To Woody, Farewell Angelina, Drifter's Escape, Time Passes Slowly, Only a Hobo, John Wesley Harding.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Dialogue of the Truly Miraculous - by Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart.

Swistein are better than Einstein

-- But then again, dristein is no stein at all ...

 In order to understand what is better than Einstein, one has to speak German.  Swistein is better than Einstein.  

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”Albert Einstein

Albert noted that energy is equivalent to mass times the speed of light times itself.  However, he knew nothing about light itself, which is the essence of a transmission through a modicum of existence which is non-substantial.  And that's why the first nuclear detonation in the desert of New Mexico didn't result in a chain reaction that would destroy the Universe as Oppenheimer and the others thought it would, and as the shadows had hoped.  

I propose a different tack: that each of us LOSE the dignity, so that we may proceed with the dialogue of the truly miraculous which is not found in the human lexicon of "good enough" sciences, nor in delusions of superiority.  We are pilgrims through this land of forgetfulness, and only true courage can survive it.  When at the last all those given to terror and its manipulation shall use their power of choice to cease to exist ...

The Extreme Value and Jeopardy of Nova

We have an incorrect concept of "novelty", we think of it as joking or slight diversion.  

But it is not so with the super-universal construct.  The Universe is a lab, or more precisely, in extra-English-linguata: a laborium.  - In that it is perception, it must needs have a perceptive element, but it is perceptus temporium ad sequentionattus laboriotus estes.  The principate of ongoing investigation into creativity and the creative act.  The act of ongoing work in a progressive sequence.  

And in this case, we observe that other Universes are pondering the Novelorium, which at this juncture, is us.

  The stars and stones and life are volumes of a great book which we are allowed even in our primitive state, to read.  

But take care, fellow humans, for we are in the midst of a conflict of sorts and have become in a way, genetically modified.  We were the first of the GMO's.  It is from thence our recovery is initiated.  

The animals shall teach us, and even these pronounced species, the canus and the felis, or e're the recovery be complete, shall become herbivorous ...

The Ant, Sir, is Blowing in the Wind 

now.  Let me tell you about walking with ants.  It was in Puerto Rico.  I would touch an ant with my finger tip and the ant touched me.  I was thinking sort of like "love and greetings".  Then each individual would understand by chemical interpretation of my emotions coming out of my fingertip pours.  Each would then greet me in a dance going around in a circle and I would do the same.  And then bye and bye I met the REAL ant, which was a swarm, and more than one.  An individual consisting of individuals.  They three appeared on the bathroom wall, a two-dimensional person of the insect world, as big as human beings.  We all know how primitive our situation is but that we are striving for the proper role of the ambulant of planetary stewardship and inter-species co-operation ...
In the world of the take, there's also the give; though you've come to existence, you must choose to live.

"Energy Thinks" by me (Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart)  ...

energy thinks and it's smarter than you, but then -- you must think with energy, too.  If you've got a crisis and things have gone wrong, it's maybe you were weak when you thought you were strong.

so feed with the energy feed.  It's done with the heart and not with the mouth.  Lifetimes of energy, don't ever doubt.  The surface deceptive is all round about.

energy thinks and appears at the need.  It goes where it's wanted but not where there's greed.  The things all around us were written to read, but not if you're moving at too great a speed.

so feed with the energy feed.  It's done with the heart and not with the mouth.  Lifetimes of energy, don't ever doubt.  The surface deceptive is all round about.

energy thinks and it teaches the fact.  They say the truth hurts, but don't you look back.  In the world of the take, there's also the give.  Though you've come to existence, you must choose to live.

The things all around us were written to read, but not if you're moving at too great a speed.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bow Man on the Far Cliff -- Original by Paul Hall on Native American Flute.

In another land of great mountains, skilled hunters take long horn sheep with bows made from ram's horns.

It is the highlands of the longhorn mountain sheep.  The horns are boiled and split, and stuck together using a special glue made from the bones boiled down and also the sinues of the game.  So their bows are made from the ram's horns.

But the hunters must have great skills, for they cannot shoot an arrow except at close range.  So they have to sneak up very silently and down wind to get close enough for a successful kill.

As you aproach to trade with them, you will see one or two on the far cliffs.  Their legs are very strong for years of hunting in those mountains.

(Video) Original melody on Native American Flute and original art (ball-point black pen on newsprint) by Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart on You Tube.

1) Glyph of bow hunters in prehistoric times.         2)  Bow made from longhorh sheep horns.

Masked People of the Mud Dwellings -- Original by Paul Hall on Native Am...

Going very far to trade their popular green stone arrowheads, they met the mountainside people of high canyons.

Original melody on Native American Flute and original art (ball-point black pen on newsprint) by Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart on You Tube.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Flow of Assets

It's the objective of your opposition to deprive you of your assets. But you keep coming up with new ones. Much to their consternation ...

There are two opponents in the world. There is hatred. An unmitigated onslaught against children, nature, families, art, poetry, music, creativity ...

Something evil that is completely successful in hiding itself. Something that has learned to push everybody's fear buttons. And you were born and came into this world as its opponent. You did nothing to it, but it became your enemy.

If you stood up against it and made it through the onslaught of childhood, it began to seek you out and to start depriving you of everything it could. But maybe you noticed. The assets you lost were replaced by new ones. And you consternated your foe. Or else I could be so bold as to suggest, you wouldn't have been reading this. Or had it read to you.

And you may find it to be preposterous. I'm counting on that. Because then you will still have been alerted as to what to look for and perhaps be better at showing the others than I ...

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Flying Bird -- Original by Paul Hall on Native American Flute ...

Flying Bird, flame reader, looks at fire with one eye shut, tells us where food is found like a sky bird seeing.

Original melody on Native American Flute and original art (ball-point black pen on newsprint) by Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart on You Tube.

See Flying Bird as usual looking at the flames of the fire with only one eye open.  After a while, as sleep fled from us anxiously we waited in the half shade, on the ground, sitting and clutching our knees with our folded arms waiting.

And then our hearts almost stopped.  In the stillness of the night and the flicker of the flames, we saw a bird of smoke fly toward the heavens above the old man's head.  He was comfortable, in his squalor, for he had little gear.  Then the bird of smoke, high in the heavens, would disclose to us all where to go in one day, in six days, and there find the game we needed to hunt.

He came from a line of those who painted on stones.  In caves on the walls, they painted where to find food.  Sometimes it was game, sometimes wild rice or maize.  Or where to fish.  Always keeping us from the territory of others.

Then came the day Flying Bird went home leaving his body forever.  But he would also appear to us in dreams, and teach us to watch the dance of the flames as well ...

Building a Campfire -- Original by Paul Hall on Native American Flute ...

Building a Fire for the Camp.
First the teepee of slim twigs is home to the birch bark and then flame emerges to spread itself to the rest ...

Original melody on Native American Flute and original art (ball-point black pen on newsprint) by Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart on You Tube.

If you build a fire you must be always ready to tend to it.  It is a gift from the unknown, no matter how much you know.  It comes from the place of sparks that are so small they can only be seen when they have great gatherings in the clouds as lightning.

Yet all color comes from fire from the fire of the sun touching the fire of the unseen sparks as they go about their duties.  More so in the feather of the colored birds or else how could their colors glow?  And when lit from moonlight the colors disappear, except those we think we see, like the trees we know to be green.

When you see, it has got to be because of sparks as when the flinty stones strike together.  All these are gifts and great treasures.  If we have and get respect, we will see more of them, and the sparks are gifts.

Build your fire with big and small, so that when the dance of flames begin they will spread untill the boundary you have set for them.  The flames have a mind and you must also have respect there, for we ourselves are flames, and when our flames of a special fire whose bounds are set by the stars.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dream by Grassy River Banks -- Original by Paul Hall on Native American ...

Just one dream, just one night, but it was so worth remembering that it is called Grassy Bank dream ...

Original melody on Native American Flute and original art (ball-point black pen on newsprint) by Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart on You Tube.

Star Path -- Original by Paul Hall on Native American Flute ...

As the open fire burns down for the night we are comforted by the path of the stars like the sparks of the fire.

Original melody on Native American Flute and original art (ball-point black pen on newsprint) by Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart on You Tube.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Between Two Moons -- Original by Paul Hall on Native American Flute ...

Between the time of two full moons, if we look carefully we see great strength causing them and their placement.

Original melody on Native American Flute and original art (ball-point black pen on newsprint) by Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart on You Tube.

Wind by the River -- Original by Paul Hall on Native American Flute ...

As we listen to the wind whispering in our ears we have to fight ourselves to know no day is ordinary ...

Original melody on Native American Flute and original art (ball-point black pen on newsprint) by Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart on You Tube.

Saturday, August 1, 2015