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The Nightmare of Biology

The nightmare of biology -- in which the human being is the nightmare...

  • The Context of Extra-Ecological Biological Expansiveness of a Species
The introduction of an individual species into a new Biome, in which there are no predatory controls or insufficient controls is the nightmare scenario.  In this instance, the specific species can completely overtake the environment and cause certain degrees of ecological collapse in the region.

This is specifically amplified by transportation of the species intentionally or unintentionally, by human beings.  This is epitomised by "the royalty syndrome" in which a human being seeks status by the ownership of dangerous living specimens, similar to the ancient days when rulers kept ferocious beasts next to their thrones to impress visitors.

When an environment is suitable for escaped animals or plants, they tend to thrive in places where there is no predation regulation.  The situation, exasperated by human transportation of species, has a tendency to destroy the feasibility of an entire local ecosystem and results in a dysfunctional environment.

  • The Destruction of Natural Cycles Vital to Life in Locales and Ultimately Planet-Wide
Cycles in all areas of the planet are ultimately affected by interruptions in any locale if the impact is sizable enough.  Elements and compounds pass through the system in renewable cycles that afford all life the needed elements for existence.  When interruptions occur, there is an inevitable breakdown and life ceases to exist.

These impairments of cycles are specifically amplified by a lack of instinctual biological awareness, intentionally or unintentionally by human beings.  This is epitomized by the "tycoon syndrome", in which a human being seeks status by the ownership of enterprises that produce inordinate wealth for that person, similar to the ancient days when bankers established lending institutions to finance feudal military campaigns and other activities, taking the act of financing away from governments and rulers.

When an environment is suitable for rampant financial development, enterprises tend to thrive in places where there is no responsible regulation.  The situation, exasperated by the human preoccupation with wealth, has a tendency to destroy the feasibility of an entire local ecosystem and results in a dysfunctional environment.

  • The Nightmare Scenario of Biological Power and the Context of Human Existence
Right of existence is governed by the adaptability of a species to its environment and the assumption of an ecological niche or natural reciprocal duty within an ecosystem, it's biome, and the entire planet.  When an organism such as the human being comes to supersede the failsafe of ecological controls and limitations, it becomes the catastrophic life form.

The life form will keep on reproducing, thus making its impact equivalent to the slowed-down explosion of a biological bomb.  The inference of a species that summarily blocks and destroys all infrastructure of life-cycles and vitality of the planet-wide life support into any aspect of planetary life systems or ecosystems, results in the establishment of the "biological bomb" which leads to ultimate catastrophic failure of all life altogether -- hence the "Nightmare Scenario".

This blockage is specifically amplified by the success of the human being to reproduce itself, despite the lengthy gestation period of the human foetus, and the accompanying double-decade period needed for the complete development of the human brain from infancy to maturity.  The life-support blockage is epitomized by the "latch-key syndrome", in which the gestating foetus and the maturing infant are subjected to the preoccupation of adults to aberrant behaviour such as the Tycoon and Royalty syndromes, in which the child is considered sub-human and becomes neglected.

When an environment is suitable for warped infantile development, and other things not covered in this article, the resultant "biological bomb" of successful reproduction enters a vicious cycle of successive generations of more vicious mutations and deformed individuals.  The situation, exasperated by human susceptibility to desire to the exclusion of responsibility, has a tendency to destroy the feasibility of an entire local ecosystem and results in not only a dysfunctional environment, but ultimately the destruction of the planetary environment altogether, ultimately resulting in the destruction and demise of all biological function and existence altogether.  A baron planet, in which the function of biology has reached term and demised.  With nothing left but the raw elements alone.

  • The Human Being IS the Nightmare of The Nightmare of Biology
How the human being came to exist is at the heart of this problem, that if perhaps humans were once a part of an ideal ecological situation and were modified either by chance or intention into the catastrophic catalyst humanity has now become.  But that is now a moot point.  The reality is that humankind has now become the Nightmare of Biology that will lead to the desolation of all life on Earth unless some intervention or governance intervenes to rescue life and restore its functionality.

Thre is no recollection of IF the Nightmare Scenario of Biology has often or at all occurred in the past of the Earth, unless, hypothetically, the planets are escaping the sun's gravity field and Mars was long ago in the Earth's orbit and had equal life factors which eventually mitigated into lifelessness, in the present Martian orbit, and subsequently Mars will "seventy-eight needle" out to the orbit of the present asteroid belt, and disintegrate into micro planetoids between the gravity of the collected asteroidal segments into a new Jupiter gas giant in their newly acquired gas belt of the solar system and the gravity of the sun, and so on, with the planet Venus assuming the Earth orbit and re-adapting its ecological realization as the new habitant of the "Ecological Belt" of solar system orbits.

At any rate, a planet Earth in its assumption of the Martian "Desolate Rocky Planet Belt", would have accompanying documentation of demise, which the Nouveau Biological Venutians might be able to interpret.  If so, then the Martian fragment retrieved from Antarctica in the 20th century, may possibly upon re-examination, be discovered to contain actual documentation of its sojourn and demise in the earlier Ecological Belt existence.

  • Summary
In any case, my view is to leave things as they go, let nature take its course, so to speak, and OBSERVE if there is any extra terrestrial intervention, such as cometary or asteroidal catastrophic impact, or migration of the planetary mass from ecological to desolate orbital positions away from solar proximity, or if even as some theorise, perhaps even some sort of supposed or imagined if not actual intelligent intervention, perhaps at the eleventh hour, to put a halt to the biological nightmare of humanity itself, mutating the survivors into a benign species or maybe even two types of such, in the which the upgraded humankind becomes totally ecologically compatible at last.  Let it be and we shall see ...

"The Silent Singing Universe"  by me, Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart (Paris, 1980):

"Mister Destiny" by me, Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart (Paris, 1980 - I got the title 10 years before the movie):

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