Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Extreme Value and Jeopardy of Nova

We have an incorrect concept of "novelty", we think of it as joking or slight diversion.  

But it is not so with the super-universal construct.  The Universe is a lab, or more precisely, in extra-English-linguata: a laborium.  - In that it is perception, it must needs have a perceptive element, but it is perceptus temporium ad sequentionattus laboriotus estes.  The principate of ongoing investigation into creativity and the creative act.  The act of ongoing work in a progressive sequence.  

And in this case, we observe that other Universes are pondering the Novelorium, which at this juncture, is us.

  The stars and stones and life are volumes of a great book which we are allowed even in our primitive state, to read.  

But take care, fellow humans, for we are in the midst of a conflict of sorts and have become in a way, genetically modified.  We were the first of the GMO's.  It is from thence our recovery is initiated.  

The animals shall teach us, and even these pronounced species, the canus and the felis, or e're the recovery be complete, shall become herbivorous ...

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