Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bow Man on the Far Cliff -- Original by Paul Hall on Native American Flute.

In another land of great mountains, skilled hunters take long horn sheep with bows made from ram's horns.

It is the highlands of the longhorn mountain sheep.  The horns are boiled and split, and stuck together using a special glue made from the bones boiled down and also the sinues of the game.  So their bows are made from the ram's horns.

But the hunters must have great skills, for they cannot shoot an arrow except at close range.  So they have to sneak up very silently and down wind to get close enough for a successful kill.

As you aproach to trade with them, you will see one or two on the far cliffs.  Their legs are very strong for years of hunting in those mountains.

(Video) Original melody on Native American Flute and original art (ball-point black pen on newsprint) by Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart on You Tube.

1) Glyph of bow hunters in prehistoric times.         2)  Bow made from longhorh sheep horns.

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