Sunday, August 9, 2015

Building a Campfire -- Original by Paul Hall on Native American Flute ...

Building a Fire for the Camp.
First the teepee of slim twigs is home to the birch bark and then flame emerges to spread itself to the rest ...

Original melody on Native American Flute and original art (ball-point black pen on newsprint) by Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart on You Tube.

If you build a fire you must be always ready to tend to it.  It is a gift from the unknown, no matter how much you know.  It comes from the place of sparks that are so small they can only be seen when they have great gatherings in the clouds as lightning.

Yet all color comes from fire from the fire of the sun touching the fire of the unseen sparks as they go about their duties.  More so in the feather of the colored birds or else how could their colors glow?  And when lit from moonlight the colors disappear, except those we think we see, like the trees we know to be green.

When you see, it has got to be because of sparks as when the flinty stones strike together.  All these are gifts and great treasures.  If we have and get respect, we will see more of them, and the sparks are gifts.

Build your fire with big and small, so that when the dance of flames begin they will spread untill the boundary you have set for them.  The flames have a mind and you must also have respect there, for we ourselves are flames, and when our flames of a special fire whose bounds are set by the stars.

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