Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Ant, Sir, is Blowing in the Wind 

now.  Let me tell you about walking with ants.  It was in Puerto Rico.  I would touch an ant with my finger tip and the ant touched me.  I was thinking sort of like "love and greetings".  Then each individual would understand by chemical interpretation of my emotions coming out of my fingertip pours.  Each would then greet me in a dance going around in a circle and I would do the same.  And then bye and bye I met the REAL ant, which was a swarm, and more than one.  An individual consisting of individuals.  They three appeared on the bathroom wall, a two-dimensional person of the insect world, as big as human beings.  We all know how primitive our situation is but that we are striving for the proper role of the ambulant of planetary stewardship and inter-species co-operation ...

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