Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Canyon City, Chilkoot Trail.

Canyon City was the first outpost along the Chilkoot Trail, near Dyea, Alaska.  The trail was originally blazed by the native American Tlingit peoples and used by the miners of the 1898 gold rush to get to the waterways in Canada that would take them to Dawson, a volcanic area where to this day there is gold to be had.

The Chilkoot Trail is about thirty miles long, but I only had enough time to get to Canyon City and back, an over-nighter.  I traveled light, only a child's book bag pack on my back with a large plastic jar of peanut butter, a quart of water and an aluminum blanket.

There is a self-portrait in the series, as I take a picture of a moth on the water of a huge beaver pond, also seen is my reflection.

I rescued the moth and it survived, you'll be glad to know.

I was told later on that the Red Onion Saloon, seen in the series, was dismantled and taken to Skagway, where it is a landmark 1898 relic on Second Avenue and Broadway.

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