Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DESERT MEDICINE (Full Album) - Melodies on Native American Flute by Paul...

The Desert teaches many things.  It gives a form of healing that is of great value.  Here are some melodies for you to help appreciate the explainable.

Original melodies by Paul A. L. Hall on the Native American flute.  The photos featured in the slide show were taken in The Mojave Desert.  Most photos by Jen Hall, "The Teachings of The Barren Lands" photo by Paul Hall.

Titles featured in this album:

Lonely Places, Forgotten Distances, Mountain of Many Faces, The Path of Two Roads, The Working Winds, The Valley of the Black Pathways, Mountains at Rocky Bridge, A Visitor in a Cloud, A Hidden Canyon, Windy Clouds, Small Eagle Mountain, The Ridge of Many Paths, The Desert of Colors, A long Fence Blocks Here from There, Promising Clouds, Wa'aach of the Tongva People, Fences of Wires, Painted Hills, One of Many Mountains,

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