Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fences of Wires N A flute

Workers of the bending ice, metal men, came and placed fences of wires.  Their whole world is a sadness of fences.  I play its song, but it is not as sad as it is the lament of twisted mysteries ...

They labored long over their fires of charcoal with red rock thrown in, melting it down, searching for the metal of the sword - until they became the mutations, the "long-knives" with fences of wires and papers of wealth that no one would honor but their own.  And they stretched their fences of wires over the face of the Earth until they fought against nature itself.

And their wires sing in the sky plucked by the tides of stars as they weep.  This, then is the music of the wire fences of the metal man, though you might not tell it.  Weep then, with us for the lost lands of the living creatures of long ago, when no one dared to do ought against them ...

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