Monday, May 18, 2015

Energy Thinks (The electron is the intelligence.) - By Paul Hall of paul...


The electron is the intelligence.  And nobody even knows what they are.  Intelligent energy.  That's what smart is.  In you; beyond you.  Energy thinks.  And it's smarter than you.  But then, you must think with energy, too.  Also my drawings of my photos of the covered bridges of New Hampshire.   Max opacity ink on acetate, 1988.  "Think, think, and more think".  How come many of you don't enjoy thinking?  It's fun.  Most ideas don't come to you immediately, they involve cogitation.  I thought about gravity for 43 years before I came up with the principal of applied antigravitation (use of antigravity for transport, a device the size of a grapefruit could lift a cruise ship to the asteroid belt).

It's a song I wrote in Australasia, the words were written in Australia and the music composed in New Zealand.

The visual is a project that took about a year on and off (1987-88): a series of drawings of almost all the covered bridges of New Hampshire.  I'm missing about three.  They keep putting in new ones, which they allow as long as you use oxen to put it in place.  Of course, there would be a bunch of other hoops you'd have to jump through first, so put your resort where there was once a bridge and then build it and they will come.

But this was A series of illustrations I did from my original photography on location. First I drove all over the state in a broken-down Subaru and did the photos of the bridges, so I'd have my own material to work with.  Then I did the illustrations on acetate using a maximum opacity pen.  Sakura.

             ---                 The words to the song:            ---

Energy thinks.  And is smarter than you.  But then, you must think with energy, too.  If you've got a crisis and things have gone wrong, it's maybe you're weak when you thought you were strong.


Energy thinks and it teaches the fact.  They say the truth hurts but don't ever look back.  In the world of the take, there's also the give:  Though you've come to existence, you must choose to live.


So feed with the energy feed.  It's done with the heart, and not with the mouth.  Lifetimes of mystery.  Don't ever doubt. The surface, deceptive, is all round about.

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