Thursday, May 7, 2015

Influence. By Paul Hall of paulhallart.

Influence of the gray, balanced tones of shelter, those, they there were sworn.  Where malcontent, in hours spent; ideals of conflict there were born.

Words of the first verse:

A song I wrote which poetically examines the essence of the sociological phenomena that is prevalent in the unmotivated masses in the security of their mass-produced culture-less domicilia.  Basically, it's a country-wide riot waiting to happen.    Nothing left upstairs in the frontal lobe.   Picture the mindless (almost everybody) taking their pistols out on the street (or using one they find lying around among the dead) and treating their pack of slugs like a cheap video game.

The visual is a photo shoot I did in the San Diego Gas Lamp District back in '04.  I then used a series of filters and techniques to come up with this digitization I call "San Diego Nights, Number One".

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