Thursday, May 7, 2015

"L'Amour Est Bleu" - (Harmonica par Paul A. L. Hall de paulhallart)

"L'Amour Est Bleu" Andre Popp and Pierre Cour, 1967. (Harmonica par Paul).
A collaboration between two Frenchmen, the musician Andre Popp and the lyricist Pierre Cour back in the sixties. They still had music back then before the subsequently destabilized younger generation started to mutate. Like higher education, the wrong kind of music can cause irreparable brain damage.
This is my rendition on my little old Blues Band harmonica, in the key of C. I could always hear these songs because I could play them on the harmonica from time to time. It's good for you to play an instrument. It increases your cranial capacity.
To decode from the French: "L'Amour Sur Terre et aux Fondure Illuminee par la puissance du Bleu". Depth of water, penetrated by blue; Storms of life intervene in the wind. Blue is arguably the most powerful of colors, the only color to be able to penetrate deep water or survive the pounding of sunlight in an old color photo or printed picture.
Depicted by my 2002 photo shoots of roses growing in my semi-wild garden by my former mobile home (the only home I ever -- so far -- owned, which I needed, to care for my ailing mother in her last years). The roses grow strong and life goes on. Meme sil est gris, c'est agris-able. On arive com meme, je m'en fou. If things seem gray, think of it as silver.
This is a tough damned little old world down here on the bottom floor, kid, so you better get used to it. Love has a lot of enemies, but it always wins, with or without you, depending on your perseverance.
Those French guys come up with some really beautiful music, because, you know, they can't help it. Enough said about that since there's no free lunch unless you happen to be one of the few who understands that everything comes from nothing. Love's enemies put the price tag on it.

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