Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Drawback of Neuroscience in Business - harming customer minds for p...

infliction of mental damage in order to incur a profit for the bottom line and to please "the street" ....

They've got the wrong brains to stereotype all potential customers. They are rich enough to employ science to prostitute themselves with misconceptions of the customers as mere objects to be manipulated for the sake of commerce and enrichment of the businesses. Any form of psychological manipulation causes damage to the victim. It's a form a rape.

Just because the average person does not have the auspices to investigate what's going on, this gives the businesses no license to do what they choose, certainly not to continue on that bent of aberration of wanton devotion to wealth and profit.

The most important aspect of the people, their innovation and potential for production of intellectual endeavors and production of national wealth is being destroyed because the ogres back in the fifties were permitted to call them "consumers". For this, they should have been levied stiff fines on the grounds of intent to inflict bodily harm and targeting the citizenry by means of conspiratorial terminology.

Well, how does it feel to be not quite yourself; to only have a fraction of your mind remaining intact? Perhaps you didn't notice. But there are no watchdogs protecting you and you aren't strong enough to protect yourself from the actual and potential damage of neuroscience being channeled by the unscrupulous who only want you as a bolster to their bottom line.

We will all be stuck with the preferences of the lamebrains foolish enough to go for testing. We shall all be crammed into the common category of the psychological makeup of those dumb enough to pick up the odd few bucks for being their guinea pigs.

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