Sunday, May 24, 2015

Salmon Star Running (Native American Flute by Paul.)

Salmon Star Running from deep ocean returning, they leave bodies behind, swimming among the stars.  Celestial organics. Original, "Peacefulness Talking" by me playing Native American flute.  Remember, the first priority is to talk with the universe, the next is for healing, then maybe we think of entertainment, which really means "to consider ideas".  This is a proverb.  The settlers find the warrior's path, but only poets find the path less traveled by.

  We look into the past to see the nebula photographed using Hubble but it is already peopled, one could assume, by those of a distant future who, using teleconesis, are already there, having traveled thousands of light years instantly.  It might also be assumed these running salmon accomplish the same even now automatically, leaving bodies in the stream heads, they swim onward into the stars.  Do they show us the way to be the star runners?  It's in the music.

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