Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Clash and Carry

The Clash Between Naturalism and The Rich.

By Paul A. L. Hall

There's a clash in the bash and the gnash is the trash.  

Recently in California, environments and environmentalism took a turn for the worse.  The peanut brains are at it again.  And who are the peanut brains?  All of us, every one of us.  Or as Jene Shepherd, Shep, would say, "...every walkin' around scratchin' human being..."  
When are you going to get it through that thick head of yours that you are a creature of limited intelligence?  One group builds it up another tries to tear it down.  One group mindlessly builds -- oh, and by the way, you really ought to be down here in Southern Cal to see what kind of crap they are using to build with -- and the other group mindlessly makes a sort of feeble attempt to destroy.  Don't they realize that they'll never stop the rich.  It's a mind set.  There'll be just another bunch of dupes to take over where they left off.  
You ought to take a look at my article in my education series.  UCAL brags on public (propaganda) radio during their one minute non-advertising advertising blurb that, woe boy, "...we just want to remind you that a person with a bachelor's degree will urn ..."  and they go on to remind us with boring repetition (they're educated, you know, so they can't think of much to say) that the guy with the college degree will make so-and-so many millions of dollars more than the poor schmuck who didn't have the chance of a snowball in hell of getting beyond free public education.  
Of course they don't realize that because of their primitive ineffective education system of so-called higher learning with it's incredibly limited curriculum (they really only teach two subjects: boredom and consumerism) only churns out two types of novellus intelligencia americanus: the quack and the debt.  As the soldier said of the guy with the college degree on the rifle range: "there's a quack in the armory".  The quacks are those who are able to survive the boredom and do little more than acquire the skills to take tests that today's horribly ineffective education systems thrust upon them.  The debts are the poor guys who still managed to come up with enough squeaky clean credit to actually be able to get the college loans to get through.  Those people have to follow the curriculum that best guarantees that when they graduate they will be able to make enough of the millions upon millions promised by the mindless California University blurb to pay back the hundred thou or so it took to pay those sophist hustlers in the first place.
So with that incredible lineup of flunkies, do you think anyone has time to think of the environment?  So they urbanize.  Well, not exactly.  The one or two of you who have read this far and haven't surfed on are laughing right now.  You know, don't you?  You're saying out loud, "You don't mean to try to suggest that someone would be stupid enough to ...?!  That's right.  Whoever is stupid enough, it's happening.  I wrote about that in my sociology section.  People globally are being herded into cities.  For crying out loud, they've been doing that since ancient Rome, Greece and way back to the days of the Pyramids.  It's human nature.  Urbane and Mundane is mankind's middle name.  
So why would a bunch of people torch an entire huge housing complex in the name of some vague term they've come up with now, something like environmental terrorism?  Well, in the first place, let me remind any of you living in such modern housing that it's a potential death trap anyway, even without any peril from intentional pyromaniacs. If you live in one of those places don't light a match.  They're not only extremely flammable, but also the glue they use to stick things together and the plastics they use to imitate a sufficient life-style while charging luxury prices to the poor quacks who lack sufficient education to know any better -- those industrial adhesives contain such catalyst chemicals as cyanide and other goodies that make Chemical Ali look like the tooth fairy.  It's bad enough for the home owner to breath the air in those new homes, but if they catch, the smoke is actually a poison gas.  One whiff and you're a stiff.
When a housing complex like that goes, when it catches, nothing can put it out.  You'd be safer in a mobile home in tornado country.  If one home catches alight, if they don't get it right away, within minutes it's too late.  You check it out.  If you dig enough you can retrieve enough documentation to find out.  It may actually be hidden by kind of human nature, you know.  They are hustling and they don't want it to get out that it's unsafe and certainly unethical.  If one house goes, the whole complex goes and they can't put it out.  The technology doesn't exist to put out a fire that big.  Oh, and by the way, the propaganda station didn't cover that part in their sensationalist coverage.  Just another way to cook the books so the boys in that economic accident, Wall Street, can meet expectations.
So the environmental terrorists, in that episode at least, got a little help from their friends the building consortiums of the low-level security prisons of the international city system.  It's as I'm trying to point out, these people aren't very smart.  Okay, neither are the rest of us but those guys are actually dumb enough to think they're smart and they produce a piece of paper to prove it, their pathetic little diploma.  So I'm afraid we're just going to have to let this miserable little drama play itself out.  You'll have to leave the arrogant little wretches alone in their fantasy world of who's the smartest of them all.  In my opinion, they're already smarting.
So what about the clash between naturalism and the rich?  As you probably notice, people have the ability to transform their environment.  Unfortunately, any people invariably be it a group or an individual, lack the ability to know what they really need.  This of course means that the human synthetic environment will be in some degree inordinately excessive and in other degrees extremely deficient at best and actually harmful if not deadly at worst.  When dictated by someone's idea of a bottom line, an excessive synthetic environment has too much of one sort of aspect, and too little of another.  A deadly environment is just that but for any number of reasons, such as situation in harm's way, or composition of hazardous material, or, and this is a shocker, synthetic environments tend to mutate genetic makeup.
You see, in the past, human habitat has been so sparse that these effects of hazard or danger were mostly negligible.  Now it is becoming more perceivable.  Most people, if they thought about it, can actually sense the effects.  There are arguably more and more visible and observable evidences of physical mutation in the human species indigenous to inner city environments.  My observation, therefore, is that there must be a panic reaction in certain fairly intelligent individuals who are coming to recognize that they are being forced into an unsafe environmental condition against their will and beyond their control.
Well, I'll have to leave it at that.  I wanted to get into the parts about high population densities in a few areas of the United States in contrast with vast, uninhabited regions.  Suffice it to say that this synthetic environment thing is avoidable. 

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