Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Outsourced -- to Countries Oily in the Morning

Paul A. L. Hall (2003) ...

How could China and India all of a sudden need so much oil? Did they suddenly sprout SUV's and super highways? What is another huge use of oil derivatives? Plastics.

Oil is used in every level of industrial manufacture and in a majority of the products. So the outsourcers (the out-sorcerers) are behind the higher oil consumption in the undeveloped nations to whence they outsource. So not only did they pink-slip you suckers but also they drove up your gas prices.

They zoned you so you'd have to commute, they caused you to incur bankrupt-proof education debts to buy your degreed way into over qualification, they pink-slipped you into economic oblivion after they used you to get them started and stripped you of your union voice so they could sweat-shop you into an early death by hard labor so you wouldn't burden their health-care system.

Man! Those guys make the Mafia look like angels! Talk about white-collar crime. You suckers. They even bypass the popular vote to install military-industrial presidents like the kind Eisenhower warned us about.

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