Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mall Rats

Mall Rats

Evidence of mutation in the human genetic code in the commercial shopping arena. 

by Paul A. L. Hall.

The mall is nothing new. It really got going back in the days of ancient Rome. It is the epitomy of the self-destructiveness of human nature. But I'm not here to criticize the mall in this entry at least, though I could come up with a few choice words. Not to mention the fact that they don't work. They have the mere illusion of viability but it's only the strength of such things as brand-name association and so on that keeps them barely hanging on.

What is serious is that the shopping and working environment is beginning to write itself in the vulnerable and sensitive genetic makeup of those who frequent such dives. The resultant mutations are on a crash-course with extinction. They will have no relation with real surroundings and eventually their line will perish.

Such mutations are causing people to be born with human brains but not to be able to use them. Eventually the successful humanoid that survives the test of time will be the villager who is fairly rustic and has a relationship of lifestyle with natural things. Eventually, people will walk places, commerce will cease, nobility will go no faster than horseback, and a functioning relationship of stewardship with plants and animals will bring a non-technological prosperity unimaginable in our time.

I mean mankind is so stupid now they don't even know how to use squirrels to sow crops. The grotesque figures that have become a mere excuse for humanity will just fade away and cease to exist. It may be profitable for a few individuals for the time being, but they are the guilty ones, prospering at the expense of others, deliberately causing everyone else to fail and perish that they may abound.

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