Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Hamburg-Vietnam Expressway

How to create a viable and prosperous Eurasian business partner in one easy step.

Something that will probably never happen. And that's one reason why these countries are in such miserable poverty. Boarders. It's their problem, even a global problem. They, the countries of the world, have never done anything about it, just existed with it, adopted the commonplace mentality of "oh, that's the way we do it" sort of thing so there you are.

But wealth and prosperity have their principals, their functionalities, just as the laws of physics or any science. Economics is a science. Rarely someone comes into this existence that comes to realize that. I assume many have and as a result have learned some of the principals and kept them a secret; held the cards, as it were, tightly to the chest and took the information with them to the grave.

The human being is funny that way. Horribly secretive creature. Somewhat serpentine if you ask me. Creepy. You know?

Well, you know the old adage, "A fool and his money are soon parted." So what? Who is the real fool? The fool or the fool who was stupid enough to waste something real, like time, trying to prize money away from the first fool. It's the preoccupation with the writ, the little leaflets declaring value among the reproduced artwork on their two sides and now the mercantile memory banks that remember that this person has so much available credit, that person is bankrupt and so on.

This may be the reason for the inordinately high rate of homeless ex-servicemen in San Diego. Aside from the conspiracy theories of hallucinogens put in their food at the mess hall and all that, there is something I have observed during my time in basic training in the 1966 US army. It's a side effect of the way men are trained and may once again have much to do with the flawed logic prevalent in human nature.

What shall I call it? People, you know, "us", we the people, are really good at giving things names. Most of the success of technology consists of being able to name things. Maybe I should attempt a label such as "the integral strength of viability". Maybe with a research project, I could do better, but it will suffice for now.

The basic training of perhaps not only the American military, but also others throughout history, brakes something in the personnel they train, at least whilst using the certain style, or particular methods. It's like deep knee bends, doesn't work. Seems okay but definitely shown to cripple. As I say, "if it shoots the apple, only time William tell." Only time tells and only the observant perceive.

A different type of training, however, would accomplish both purposes, to prepare the personnel for conflict and rapid response to command, and to foster such factors as the aforementioned viability thing within the individual. At this point you might wonder, if you've read this far, what is this man getting at? The principles of wealth, of viability, are obscured by collateral. They always have been. The strength of viability in any individual is short-circuited by the awe of economic instruments. The existent monetary system precludes the collective ability to perceive economic stability.

Shrinking behind their frontiers, lining up at the border posts to be checked, accepting homelessness when the winning business plan was just around the corner. The secretive human beings go to and fro in the silent masses, like so many dumb secretive little serpentine lizards scurrying about in some desert of despair. They are so close to what they are broken to imagine success to be, that they lack the will or the desire to just step back and begin to perceive at the necessary distance, the whole structure of the very principals of wealth.

Once again, names. Take the term "viability". In the word, you'll find the Latin for roadway, "via", actually derived (I'm sorry to say I almost flunked Latin; I drew during Mrs. Durkie's classes; it was hopeless anyway, I had dyslexia and a.d.d. and could only afford study time to pass 3 out of 5 subjects) from the infinitive phrase, "to go". Hey, that's on my joke page on my website (click here to go to the joke page, be sure to check out the two-ton-canary joke):
Why did the Roman Emperor build the Apian Way? Because he was an Arrivaderchi Roman. In another joke, not yet in the page I used to say that the Romans got their name for their oarsmen in their navy: they were "row men". All jokes aside, it is said that their namesake, Romulus, was actually a Trojan. Rome and Troy verses Persia and Greece.

Take a look at history and you can see the prosperity of viability and the prosperity of places that fostered the infinitive phrased "via". It's as they say, bunkie, location is everything... almost.  Location and connectivity are an integral part of the totality of prosperity.

So in an imaginary Eurasia, where ethnicity and ideology and idiotology all became a whatever thing and people got down to reality and every day life and Patria went back to just meaning dad again so people stopped wasting time hanging colored rags out the window and on poles and on and on... And people got down to business and built a little autobahn form Hamburg in Germany to some little port city in Viet Nam. Now build another one from Korea to Huelva in Spain.

Why? One of the principals of wealth, from the viewpoint of this humble observer -- one who lived a middle class existence in Europe for a year without money, one who at a café in a morning's 45-minute break could turn an espresso, a ballpoint pen and a piece of paper found in the garbage into a poem that would bring in a thousand franks in one week -- is this: Aisles of transport must traverse entire continental masses at diagonals and be met by disparate types of augmented transport. But it boils down even further to a more express essence: wealth is movement.

Maybe it's from that principle that the misguided have arrived at the popular misconception, imagining time to be money. Yeah, whatever, man. Whatever. Get a life.

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