Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Unemployment, a Lagging Indicator

Unemployment, a Lagging Indicator

By Paul A. L. Hall

Putting the human being last. The poor, helpless, little, do-nothing, go-with-the-flow human being. Wrong.

The helpless ones are the pathetic corporations that were so incompetent that they couldn't keep employees. Squalid, pathetic, small-minded, impotent, top-heavy management in these disaster zones of corporate business, and the buck stops with the top man or woman at the helm of each of them.

A company, any company, to earn a low "B" on the competence report card, has a want-add like this: "jobs available. No matter who you are and regardless of skill level, if you apply for a job, you're hired. Salary level commensurate with cost of living."

I am so ashamed of big business. They're not doing business. They're like children with pretend businesses. In the mid 20th century, they were off to a lousy start but it was do-able, barely. And that was because of the addiction to tobacco and the need for the individual to become mobile with the personal car. Without that it might have been a flat, do-nothing business world where people get along in spite of big business, not because of it, just like they're doing today.

The primary reason why business and industry is failing is because they were too stupid to recognize the potential of the human being. This is an ethnic-cleansing mentality, where the insiders imagine themselves to be a super race for whatever reason, and I stress the "whatever" here. A person, even a mentally handicapped one, has extraordinary capabilities that are only limited by how much those who hire them give up on finding out how to tap into such resources. That's right. It's those who hire and fire, not those who apply who are the flunkies.

They give up, they poop out, they renege on their responsibilities, they are the sub-human race, the lesser ones, the usurpers, not the people they have laid off. Before the machine age, these were the types of people who would beat a horse to death on the streets after the animal couldn't pull an inordinately heavy load due to the same person's lack of care.

The only thing that makes those so-called "capitalists" (which they're not, it's in name only) better than the communists they seemed to have defeated (we have yet to see that), is that they, unlike the communists, who, by the way did manage to obtain the qualification of total employment, are successful at covering up their failures. It's an illusion, a fake.

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