Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Golden Invectee

The Golden Invectee

by Paul A. L. Hall

An invectee is a double arch in heraldry. But here is the nobility of a certain aspect not yet considered noble.

The rounding of the m in McDonald's Restaurants symbolizing the nobless oblige of feeding the out-going public.

To wit, the contest between the legitimate owners of the McDonald's name, princely McDonald himself, the present heir to the name itself, native of Scotland of the McDonald clan, not too recently at odds with the economic nobility of the restaurant chain over who should have the right to call their restaurant by said name.

The result was that with amusement, McDonald himself has but tolerated the restaurant's usurpation of the name to which it had no observable right nor claim until the point said chain sought litigation against him for those rights, claiming McDonald could not so name his own restaurant, in the family for generations by the same name used by the food chain. How the outcome was determined, I am not privy to know.

But suffice it to presume that combat was had on the field of the courts of a new realm in our litigant age, and the black night of the golden invectee did wield formidable clout.

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