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Global Emperor to Use Religious Conservatives

Global Emperor to Use Religious Conservatives

by Paul A. L. Hall.

And that -- might be whom? I had a dream about that back in London in 1971, and in my dream I saw four things above the podium of a global Emperor or dictator or something like that. Now , you might think, "Huh, big deal. After all dreams really are not all that serious, are they?"

Well, maybe there's nothing to it. It's only that this dream was so jarring and so realistic, and the same time symbolic -- really symbolic, that I remember it to this day. OK, for what it's worth, here are some of the main things I saw -- by the way, it was one of those color dreams: They were religious objects, hung over the podium of this dictator as a form of symbolic, obvious religious, huge symbols on a banner. There was a cross, a six pointed star, a crescent, and a beast or animal with two horns, it appeared to me to be something like a bulls head.

Now, what I would tend to read into this, if there was anything to it, and maybe there is, who knows? -- But what I would read into it at this point is those symbols represent religious symbologies. There was a cross, a six-pointed star, a crescent and what appeared to be a bulls head. It's fairly obvious, perhaps, that these would tend to represent the majority-style conservative-type fundamentalism in all the world's major religions. There were the three monotheistic religions, and the fourth might've been a kind of union of all the world's polytheistic religions. You have to realize that polytheism comprises quite a few believers out there.

Now I know, here we seem to be getting into the hazy grounds of what is termed "theology". But I consider theology to be a science, just like the relatively unknown scientific discipline of the study of miracles, "thomotology" (I hope that's the way that word is properly written). Now the common concept of theology is what clergy study before they can be ordained and blah blah blah and on and on they go, losing it all in somebody's misconception of religious ritualism. But actually theology is supposed to be a scientific discipline, like biology, chemistry, physics and so on. It's just that apparently it has never been treated as such a discipline.

In other words, as a scientific discipline, theology would be, in a way, the science of humankind's functional relationship with the unexplainable realities and human interaction with probable superior intelligence. You may be one of those who jump to the convenient, self-comforting conclusion that the concept of superior intelligence is simply a superstition, or at best, the type of fiction relegated to the UFO crazes, but my conclusion is that it's safe to say that the jury is still out on that one.

But whatever theology is, and however many impostors and charlatans there might be imposing themselves in the discipline of theology, it must necessarily depart from humankind's concept of religion. Religion is the opposite of theology. Religion becomes the historic tool in the hand of politics, especially the type of politics involving authoritarian rule and dictatorship.

Religion is the historic device politicians use to get the will of the people on their side. And that certainly has to be true with imperial rule and dictatorship: There is no empire without an indigenous religion to assign authority to that Emperor and his or her empire. Well, check it out. History is rife with these patterns. Therefore, you can extend the postulation to involve the ultimate empire, a global empire. A global Emperor uses all global religions.

The founding fathers of the United States seemed to have tried to avoid this inevitability -- apparently they recognized it as a part of dictatorship. They may have recognized that any human attempt at theocracy would only end up in some abuse that would lead to a dictator. And isn't that the inevitability of the pattern of history involving any theocracy, and also, by the way, just about every dictatorship?

So, the United States is supposed to have a separation of religion from the body politic. All I can say is, nice try. It seems to be ingrained in human behavior, and on a deeper level, there is another sort of devious human behavior that seems to be able to manipulate it. The one characteristic of religion is the use of formality and symbolism and ritual to achieve comfort and a false sense of security. Now, to cover it up, a lot of the church-state-separationists who are really protagonists of global dictatorship are pretending to be watchdogs, and are barking away at the slightest infringement of so-called religious artifacts and objects being proffered or displayed on state property or federal property -- or prayers in governmental functions, and so on.

Check it out for yourself, but I think you'll find that their real objective is also to, in the interim, keep ethics, often paralleled in monotheistic religions, from impairing personal interests, particularly those of the establishment of global empire -- whose establishers and tenants must needs use deceit and subterfuge to get into power.

People are so easily fooled. Religious institutions are easily infiltrated; ritual can be expertly imitated by any impostor, tricking an average parishioner into imagining such an impostor to be extremely devout. But still in all, they're not going to willingly forfeit their democracy and their freedom and just let somebody walk right in and take over and boss them around.

But as I said before, the pattern of history is a period of relative freedom or liberty followed by a subsequent abuse of mercantilism, which we are seeing now on a global scale, inevitably followed by a dictatorship; those that abuse liberty get busted by a dictator. But this time, as you can see, democracy in the world is very well-organized, and it is going to take subterfuge and deceit on the part of the unscrupulous who apparently at this point seem to be within striking distance of pulling this off, as well as the use of religions -- all religions, whose people will apparently be manipulated by infiltrators in their midst, to put the will of the people on the side of a global dictator.

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