Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Bridge to NOWHERE! (except prosperity...)

They wanted to build a bridge between two islands in Alaska and it was nipped in the bud by many factions, acting in total ignorance, including the usual inept watchdog groups.  The real Bridge to Nowhere is the Golden Gate Bridge, connecting a little hole in the wall, San Francisco, with a wealthy burb to the north.  Nobody stopped that one.  The Ketchikan bridge could save the 48's ungrateful butts from economic disaster.  The Gravina Access Project.  The Gravina Island Highway, or so I'm tolled, would have connected to the island where some of a former Alaska governor's relatives live.  But it's as they say, everything's relative.  And then another governor, Palin, simply re-directed the money for the bridge to other projects.

Ever wonder how your tax dollars are being invested?   Or NOT invested.  You have to spend money to make money.  Between the Liberals who are throwing bones to the poor to keep them from revolting, to the Conservatives who are actually pro anarchy, removing all vestages of governmental scrutiny it's a circus of political amateurs who never want the other side to get credit for anything and so do nothing.

The only way to do anything is to do it in spite of Government, not because of it.  Two bridges are needed, the Gravina bridge and another connecting Ketchikan to Hyder and Canada.  Then a railroad is needed to connect Ketchikan and Gravina Island industrial and commerce city (yet to be built) with Toronto and New York City and therefore to Europe and all Atlantic commerce.  I think the money community with 40 trillion dollars doing very little at the moment would jump to finance such a project.  Then the voters should tell the Democants and the Repugnantkins to go home and elect an independent governor and senator.

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