Saturday, April 11, 2015

25-01 Desolation Row - developers $ D Row as artists scramble2beyond zon...

:DRow)The computer is the extension of the brain that is allowing the already wealthy to gain absolute control over everyone else and leach them of every bit of economic substance and kill a large number of them by rendering them homeless.

There are no longer any Desolation Rows as in Bob Dylan's era of the late sixties. Now almost gone are the hobo jungles, the tent cities, the cardboard hovels. Now all that remains, perhaps even for you, O reader, is nothing more than a cold wet curb, an anonymous death, a pauper's un-marked grave, or a waste disposal plant in a Soylent factory somewhere (as in the 1970s movie Soylent Green).

They have convinced the politically gullible to eradicate governmental supervision and enforcement and now what remains is an anarchy of the wealthy, where they cook the books and nobody knows, they torture their opponents and nobody sees, they lobotomize the masses and nobody realizes, because they downsized the cops.

And by cops, I don't mean the thin blue line that stands between you and the global riot. I mean the governmental cops. Put in place by the duly elected officials to ensure the domestic tranquility, and so on and so forth. When you bought that line they slipped you about how they wanted less government and that these business guys could take care of themselves, man, did they pull the wool over your eyes.

What the heck is wrong with you people? This didn't happen back in the 1700s, when the founding fathers were really on the ball and wouldn't let anybody hustle them. Perhaps this is a pattern of history. Perhaps this is history repeating itself. Well, whatever it is we're all in for a rough ride and it didn't have to be this way.

But you know if you look in the history books you'll see that these periods of upheaval happen, and maybe even some of the people at work on the situation today trying to hustle everyone else have even studied a bit of history, enough to know certain patterns they can manipulate. But you don't care, do you? As long as you get your big old SUV and the luxurious house in peace and quiet on the right side of the tracks.

My guess is that the majority is not dead as a door nail as they seem, but perhaps "indebted as a door nail." Aha, I knew it. No culture. They claim they have the so-called pop culture, but "pop culture" really and actually means no culture at all. When you have culture, there is an abundance of -- or at least some -- intellectual stimulation. With the culture you have proliferated in contemporary United States of America, there's nothing at all. No culture at all, not even Boy George and his culture club.

Now here's the thing with culture: at first it's something a person might not want to do, but after a while really gets into it and enjoys it. And the result is intellectual stimulation to the extent were the person becomes an operable, integral, functional part of not only society, but also successful endeavors of renowned achievements. There. That sort of puts it in a nutshell for you. Only what we have in this contemporary society and not just United States -- this is happening elsewhere in the globe in developed nations -- what you've got here is a real nutcase in the person of every walking around individual out there, instead of a nutshell description of uplifting and intellectual stimulation.

They're not even selling postcards of the hanging, they're not even painting the passports Brown. And forget that Sailor bit, they were the first to go down. No more circus in town. Oh, you can get out there. You can live in the slum, but it's going to be even worse than ever, because all you've got there anymore are the drunks and the drugged, who have sunk all their paychecks into their super sound systems, triumphantly blasting every neighbor on the block away with the voodoo drums of their favorite machete hacking genocide music, which they need to mask the sense of guilt they feel over their criminal life-styles, evaporating every possible inspiration you could've ever gotten for poetry, music or art.

Hey, who knows? Maybe there's something out in Calcutta, or maybe out there way up in Tibet, "Early Tibet".

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