Friday, April 24, 2015

Early Morning Rain. Harmonica cover by Paul Hall of paulhallat.

A song by Gordon Lightfoot.  I used to hitch those big birds.

I "hitched" Over 85 flights twice around the world, mostly street singing with my guitar, starting off with three cords and about a dozen Woody Guthrie songs.  I read the instructions in the song book from Woody himself:  A girl working at a small radio station he was visiting (in the days before satellite-feed urban rock took almost all of them over) asked Woody if he would teach her how to play the guitar.  He replied: "Sure thing.  Just grab a guitar, plunk your ass against the barn and play with the strings and when you get a crowd big enough to take a collection, you can play the guitar."

Also in the video is SeaTac airport, an important international airport on the West Coast.  It serves as the hub for Alaska Airlines.  We had a bit of space so I added a couple of pictures of me peddling my pedicab in the rain at Skagway, Alaska (after my broken left hand began to mend - it was set by Rob at the clinic), and also the Skagway airport, enlarged by the Army Corps of Engineers during WW2, due to the threat of invasion and subsequent foothold in North America of the Japanese.  Because of the almost incessant "Chinook" (downhill - from 3,400 feet to sea level) winds coming down the White Pass like water draining out of a bathtub (that's the White Pass in the background behind the Skagway Airport), it's slightly warmer there as air heats up as it descends and the Japanese, with the White Pass Railroad, could have successfully gotten a foothold in North America.  You can bring a fleet up the Lynn Canal, one of the biggest Fjords in the Western Hemisphere.

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