Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fanfare-Rondeau, 1st Suite de Symphonies, Jean-Joseph Mouret - a.k.a. Ma...

The whole thing was done by me with a C Maj harmonica solo which I rendered into 7 voices using Adobe Sound Booth: The Fanfare-Rondeau from his first Suite de Symphonies of the renowned 17th century composer, Jean-Joseph Mouret.  Performed by me (Paul A. L. Hall of paulhallart).

Masterpiece Theater, which now, unfortunately has changed their name to the somewhat presumptive title "Masterpiece", has kept the fanfare alive in public consciousness.  I can't believe it took a TV show to keep this classic alive.  How much more beautiful music has been lost to the zit-face payola crap urban rock stations crank out that has mutated generations of gullible, shallow humanity.

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