Friday, April 17, 2015

Lost Instincts in Humans

Obsession with foscil fuel - is it really just instinct?  Is it actually a human role in nature to recycle carbon and re-create a neo-carboniferous era?  

Did you ever get a slice of the green pizza?  The human being, they maintain, has got to be excluded from nature for nature to be natural.  They forget that the human being is also a part of nature itself.  

The alternative to human beings involved in nature is fire and lots of it.  That's what happened to San Diego county in 2003.  But naturalism, the product of stilted minds suckered into herding everyone into deadly crowded cities are really helping the very people who are the enemies of nature, the exploitationaists.  So the naturalists have become the self-righteous mantra-chanters of "leave nature alone" neglectionism.  The human being is a part of nature.  The city is the worst place for people to end up.

The great power blackout of Summer of '03 was attributed to three incidents of tree branches touching power lines. Was the Ohio power company negligent in not pruning the branches back as required?  They claim that they do trim the trees away from power lines on a five-year cycle.

This is another little hint, and I say so often, while conclusive proof of an overkill, affordable, beyond-shadow-of-doubt nature (which for most people is nearly impossible) is preferable, buddy, a hint is all you get.  History is replete with dead bodies all over the landscape of nations, people and organizations that just couldn't take a hint.  The tree limbs hitting the wires wasn't a wake-up call.  Sorry.  You don't get wake-up calls.  You're in the cheap motel.  This was a tap on the back.

So do I detect a hint?  Yeah.  Yup.  Uh huh.  Looks like it's the instinct of man to dig up the buried carbon and put it back into the biosphere.  And we do have some evidence, here, after all.  Just look at who is trying to stop it.  The people who want to neglect nature and not be a part of it.  They have the best p.r. and everyone gullible enough, which is the majority of peoples on the earth, believes them.  It looks like the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing an increase in the growth rate of trees.  Could it be that nature is actually slowly coming to benefit from all of this?

Unwittingly, and that's how instinct works, by the way, the human being is irresistibly oxidizing all sorts of fossil fuel and the exhausts are going into the atmosphere.  Now, those wealthy scientists out there could actually go to the trouble of measuring to see if any increase in biomass has resulted from the increase of carbon dioxide in the air.  Perhaps the reason why so many scientists have neglected to do so may be because the present education system has taken away their ability to reason in order to give them knowledge.  

So here is a tiny tap on the back.  A huge black-out caused by a couple of trees that may have been growing faster than they were a decade ago.  Look at the growth rings in a new-sawn stump.  You'll see that the growth is faster in warmer years.  But it also must be more than warmth, which is supposed to happen when the incidence of carbon dioxide is higher, but also, it could be the food it's getting, which is related to the abundance of carbon.

So what is mankind starting to do now?  The instinct, you'll notice, shifts from carbon to water.  After re-carbonation comes re-hydration.  See, the next thing the neglectionists will be screaming about is all that desert wasteland being polluted by that bad nasty hydrogen hydroxide (water), causing the baron earth to become prolific with woodlands.  It appears the neglectionists want to have a private world of a perpetual glacial ice age in which they survive at the expense of the demise of everyone else.  What would you call that?  How about exclusivism? 

Well, it doesn't work.  If you stop progressing you die.  There is no standing still except in the minds of the patrons of the institutionalism that has robbed them of reason.  What good is knowledge if you can't use it?  All the exclusivists want to do is keep the natural human being out of the natural world the natural human beings are a part of. 

I for one am not impressed with the green pizza.  The only thing they're good at is litigation.  They epitomize the social phenomenon of death, just like their peace symbol.  In ancient Germany it was the symbol of death.  But they won't pull it off.  Just when it looks like they've got the world under their litigant jack boots, they'll be crushed by nature itself.

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