Sunday, April 19, 2015

Words are not for Chatter

The thoughts that burned in memory one hundred thousand miles, as twice around this Earth I watched the stars' sweet wind-blown smiles. Words will either work or they will destroy. No in between; no idle chatter. Speech can actually change the physical universe around us though that doesn't usually happen, mostly because we don't realize how useful and powerful speaking is. It's embarrassing, the waste of word power that persists as torrents of useless drivel around us daily.

So the song addresses the problem. As I mention, "... twice around this earth I watched the stars' sweet wind-blown smiles". I was able to take the time to be careful with words and pronounce them in spots around the world, and they did have an effect. It woke the tome which slept.

The work of digital art, done in Carlsbad, California in 2004, which I named "Brontnentiantio", was one of my early works, done entirely in code and not paint, all digital. The subsequent variations were an early attempt at exploring various aspects of the composition digitally. Of course, I couldn't take it very far before I had to move again but had I been able to, I was on the verge of creating my own "filters" which would have been able to do more than make the work look shiny and so on.

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