Monday, April 27, 2015

"Lara's Theme" (Harmonica by Paul Hall of paulhallart).

By the late Maurice Jarre, a classical composer.  He did other themes for Dr. Zhivago, but Lein and Ponte ripped out most of them, emphasizing "Lara's Theme" instead and the movie got panned.  Jarre knew what he was doing.  He's an engineer.

But then, you see, the English and the Italians never did seem to recognize the brilliance of the 20th-century French Composers.  As the French say, "It's damage"; "c'est damage".  It's thought Lein should have stuck to authentic Russian, but Zhivago, being cultured, would have admired French music such as Ravel and Debussy.

The film should be remade with the other themes reinstated.  Some might have even been greater than "Lara's". But it's still a gorgeous bit of music and partially David Lein's idea, getting Maurice to go to the mountains and write it about his own love at that time.  Ingenious.  Typical Lein.

Maurice Jarre is from Lyon, France, a terrific town. I was there a couple of times.  Once a pair of pants I had just bought at the Paris Flea Market disintegrated on me and, arriving in the city semi-nude, and I had to use some of the funds I was raising in an attempt to go to India for a pair of blue jeans.

Also in the video is a series of digital art photographs I took on the path to Icy Lake in Alaska.

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