Thursday, April 16, 2015

Art School 004. U'd b Surprised what u can do - "artist" is the highest...

You may not be rich, but the other benefits far outweigh that.  So here's class four; what you waiting 4?  Your contribution to civilization has to be more considered as a sort of donation.

Well, then, what do you get in return? Immunity from the world's incredible financial dilemmas. Independence from the oppressive employment system of the establishments that tend to erupt from the stilted economic opinions of the public at large. Legitimacy. After all, being an artist is not only work, it's hard work. Self-employment. You're your own boss.

You will gain legitimate intellectual stature. The profession of artist is the highest endeavor man is capable of. Once you have mastered your own unique techniques, you will have become a legitimate authority in your own right.

Oh there's a lot more that I can't think of right now off the top of my head, but I think that's enough of an incentive right there. As far as the financial thing goes, guess what? As I've already said, the money is worthless. The financial system could collapse but you still have your accomplished artwork in storage and your talent and skills ready. Even if the money's no good, you can still barter your work.

Because you are a legitimate artist, that gives you the status of not only an entrepreneur, but also makes you your own charity of sorts, if you are in duress or hardship. This allows you to gain permission to solicit the businesses in your area for donations of such things as food, clothing and equipment as well as other things like a workspace.

It is possible to operate completely outside the economic strata of a community as long as they tolerate you. That is to say that those in the community prone to gossip don't launch a vendetta against you the way Arles did to Van Gogh. But then, it's a wide world. As Woody Guthry wrote in one of his many songs, "... I come with the dust and I'm gone with the wind...". You can usually get by for at least three years in a place until the natives get riled up and then look for a place more deserving of your gifts.

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