Monday, April 20, 2015

The Exuberant

...each motion tired, he pushes on, pain invisibly concealed in perfect ecstasy... and will repudiate illusion.  That's the resume.  The exuberant.

The song, written in Australia and music composed in New Zealand, examines the impetus behind people who became renowned for various reasons.  It seems to be a success formula.  Some criticize it as fanaticism, but, it's noted that in any time or place in history, if you have a few of those success stories, you've got a pretty decent civilization going.

The visual is a digitization (actually just the "canvass" filter) of a photo shoot I did at the Quechee Bridge, a generic covered bridge that didn't qualify for the register of covered bridges for some reason.

It is also the site of the Simon Pierce Glass Works.  Pierce emigrated from Ireland and found this old dam and hydroelectric generation plant in the town of Quechee, Vermont.  He proceeded to establish a World class, top-of-the-line glass blowing company there, using the hydroelectric power to fire the glass furnaces.  He also has a huge pottery concern, mostly at a second installation along the highway out of town, an industrial sized plant, though things are still hand made, there powered by gas.

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