Thursday, April 16, 2015

Early Bob Dylan Blues Collection: a blues album - Ten Bob Dylan songs (c...

This is a Bob Dylan Cover Album, songs by Bob Dylan, cover by me, paulhallart, but it's also a blues collection of about one hour of music, the last part being non-blues harmonica covers for the last minutes in this show to give the titles of my artwork included as the slide show (in case u might want2buy a painting or something).  But in a sense that it is a cover it's kind of like one of many Bob Dylan albums of covers that I uploaded to YouTube, summer of '11, in Alaska.  So this is sort of the culmination of a series of ten Bob Dylan full albums but as covers by me, the last of the Bob Dylan full albums (1 hour long) that I covered, collected and arranged, performing the numbers in the blues style.

the location of the cuts on the album:

0:00 Crash on the Levee, 5:12 Down the Highway, 13:11 From a Buick 6, 17:04 Long Distance Operator, 22:18 Maggie's Farm, 28:00 Odds and Ends, 31:10 On the Road Again, 34:55 Outlaw Blues, 40:30 Sitting on a Barbed Wire Fence, 45:19 Watchin' the River Flow

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