Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Easy Steps to a Great Figure (pt1

how2loose weight&keep it off&still eat healthily. The real superman or superwoman is the1who gets the complete workout.

Doing your aerobics using many, many repetitions with light weight in many different workouts using as many of the muscle groups as possible.  This is best done in a gym that has nautilus type equipment that only exercises one muscle group at a time.

The secret is to build up the capillaries in your circulatory system, the smallest blood vessels that feed the individual cell groups.  This is called "endurance" when you get to an optimum state of that form of aerobic training.

Another important thing is that this form of workout develops the ligaments, often neglected part of weight training.  It also helps you to get a robust lymphatic system, which if you try to unwisely work out with too much weight or resistance, could suffer ruptures causing swelling and even in some cases, permanent damage.

So remember, there's nothing wrong with light.  Light and many and as variegated as you can.  The main target is the largest muscle groups but not just the legs.  I know, better legs than never, but this is the common mistake.

Ever see all the fatties in the gym hogging the bikes or treadmills?  Ha! Ha!  You need to concentrate on as many muscle groups as you can.  But primarily the ones you use the most in your daily routine.

One of those groups is the deltoids.  How many chubby shop clerks have I seen who go off and use all their exercise time walking around the parking lot and stuff like that.  Then they get back to the job and don't use their legs as much as those arms.

Now, the more muscle mass you've got the more fat you burn ON THE PROVISO that you coax your body to start developing those all important fat-burning enzymes that the bod hates to do because it seems to the bod not to be a good survival strategy.

That's where the treadmill and the jogging or huffy-puffy walking over several miles at least three times a week come in.  You've got to be kinda sweaty.  That's your signal that the 'zines are on the way.  Ol lang 'zimes.

Just watch getting sweaty in winter.  That's a survival problem that could get you in Dutch with the old pneumococcus.  One of the first symptoms of that is ear problems as they often hit there first.  Sugarless gum is an antibiotic that fights that, just remember gum in your mouth at workouts can be life-threatening.

The important part of building muscle mass is protein and it has to be complete protein.  You'll have to find out about that till I can write more for you later.  Men, at least fifty-five grams a day, but seventy-five won't hurt.  Women, forty-five to sixty daily.  Those protein powder shakes are a good source.  Use soy milk if you're lactose intolerant.

My recipe for Paul's Little Dinkie at the end of the day is a teaspoon of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar in your health drink of protein power such as soy or whey and soy milk.  Use a hand healed blender and be careful. Two glasses is good.  You need at least five different types of protein sources a week like wheat or penults or meat types or soy and so on.

Don't depend entirely on microwaving.  We don't know yet if it might destroy protein food value or vitamins.  Use brewer's yeast to curb your appetite.  The appetite is triggered by hairs in the stomach and the brewer's yeast seems to assuage them.

But protein alone won't do it.  You can't have the stuff without the wrapper and that's the cell wall of each muscle made of OLIO ACIDS that comes from what those idiots tell you not to eat: oils.  The best way to get all your oleos is to mix corn, penult and safflower oil and your body will do the rest with those raw materials.

So when you go about your daily routine, make a study of the muscle groups you use the most and target them first.  Just remember, you need to work on the other groups as well.

The main thing to stress is the low weight.  Once you are certain about things you can up the weights for limited reps, twenty or so.  And one great way is to set the pin at your max for a few reps, and then lower for a lot of reps.  The only safe key for weights is slow and steady progress.

Remember your bod is a lot more than muscle, and you're working out hundreds of different things.  Get rid of the champion mentality.  The super man or woman is the one who gets the whole body workout.  That's going to get you a gorgeous figure in not much time safely.

Eating right does more for you than just giving you good health, you are giving your appearance a workout by using your face muscles.  Also, the vivid display of facial emotion is very helpful.  So emotion plays a role, too.  A healthy face is a gorgeous one.  Smile a lot -- it takes more muscles than frowning and that gives your face a workout as well.

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