Thursday, April 16, 2015

Teaching in Academia was what Aristotle descried as sophism.  In it for the money.  Let me explain to you ladies and gentlemen the damage it does.  It causes the mechanisms in the brain to remove cells that are not being used.  These are sent down the spinal column to the urinary bladder and excreted.  They literally piss their brains out.

It makes the academic seem smart, but in reality, he or she is become highly incompetent and increasingly incapable of dealing with the real world.  I call it "The Enron Syndrome".

In addition to that, the classroom environment is wrong - the wrong place to learn.  The teaching methods are based on guesswork and traditional assumptions.  The results are catastrophic: only 30 to 40 percent of the student body achieve any degree of acreditable results due in part to a genetic mutation acquired by a minority to pass tests.

Any company with only a 30% success rate would stop everything and have their R&D all over it until they fixed it. But not academia: they blame the students, but if they did it right there would be 100 percent straight A pupils, even those with Down Syndrome.

And worst of all, the institutions charge outrageous fees, and those taking loans most of the time end up in indentured servitude for a life time.  So you see, I have a low opinion of academics and their stilted egotistical flouting of their own incompetent knowledgeably.

Knowledge does not make great art.  Great art is the man or woman with the torch who in the end bowls over the onlookers and shuts the mouths of the learned potentates.  You academics have killed great art and you won't get any more until you get out of the way.

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