Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Autumn Leaves - "Les Feuilles Mortes" - (cover by Paul)

By Joseph Kosma, cover by me on harmonica, classical guitar and vocals recorded in our tiny trailer in Skagway, Alaska, 2010.  Some spec. effects by me included.  2 views included: "Castillo de San Cristobal" in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico and city center of Ketchikan, Alaska, with a glimpse of a ferry boat and the Celebrity cruise ship Infinity moored next to the main street.

the trailer was right beside the railroad tracks so once I started singing, I never knew when another deisel train would come rumbling by and now and then a steam locomotive, usually the old 93! I even have a version of this song I sang in French in my other channel lepup348u: "Paul A.L. Hall chante Les Feuilles Mortes". It was a bit rough, I never have a chance2reherse. I'm afeared I might've pronounced "bruit" wrong and instead of "noise" it could've come out as "brie", a type of French cheese...

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