Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Early Bob Dylan Country Collection: A Country Album - 10 Bob Dylan songs...

  -- A full album of 10 country songs written by Bob Dylan (in the 1960's, before it was popular to be "country").  Cover performed by me: Paul Hall of paulhallart (I also did the artwork).  Since I was 9 ('55), I've been playing harmonica in a straight melodic style.  Quite a few have poked fun at my natural style joking that my harmonica playing sounds like cowboy music and that any moment they might hear someone yell "... come home, Shane!"

But I kept it up never imagining that I'd ever try to play for anyone else but myself.  But now that I'm uploading so much, with all these recordings I'm making, I discover I'm also playing the harmonica for my shelf.

Bob was my neighbor back then as well in the West Village (2 buildings over) tho I never met him.  But I almost physically ran into him once at the crack of dawn as I ran around the corner of Houston and Elizabeth streets in lower Manhattan back in the '60's with a pole lamp trying to impress my then girl friend from Wisconsin.  I was pretending to be the white knight of the then cleanser commercials seen on television back in the day.  Bob was still in his pajamas and was talking to a man in a suit with an attache case.

For more info: http://www.paulhallart.com/pages/literature/deeperlevels/deltabird1/grenwichvillageperiod.htm

The songs:

One Too Many Mornings, Tomorrow is a Long Time, Day of the Locusts, North Country Blues, Song To Woody, Farewell Angelina, Drifter's Escape, Time Passes Slowly, Only a Hobo, John Wesley Harding.

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