Sunday, April 19, 2015

Love Will Win. (original by Paul)

Love will ever conquer.  In loving, one must give.  In giving, thus, is moved along that stuff which makes one live.  And, there, in Love's humility, the greatest, they shall stand, who, through the ages, fighting hate, Love's battlements they manned.  in  Love will win and we will learn to touch a sort  of light.  This will win out in the end.  Original by me, Paul, playing a 12-string Tacamine that was given to me on the streets of San Francisco.  The visual is a mouse painting; done with a mouse 'cause I wasn't set up to paint, but I still did the artwork anyway.  It's like that's it.  Love wins.  No contest.  The unretractable destiny of love.   The morality of emotion.  The "the" of the the.  The essence of the  Universe.  The essence of all the  other existences as well.  Anyway, have a look at the art.  I've got some nice stuff here for you.   Alright, the song is a little  schmaltzy, but that's because you can't do the subject justice.  Not even in Latin, and certainly not in English.

So it's not in the success of the  endeavor but rather in the  reality that at least it was  attempted.  So that, if nothing  else, we've got some kind of  result, here.

The artwork.  Done with the mouse.   I had paint brushes, I had oil  paint, terp, canvass... what was  the problem.  No problem.  It's  "avant-garde".  People wanted  another Wyeth, but they didn't get  it.  So enjoy the clip.  I say  it's valid.

The name:  Carrzrritaddrha (Kahh-zrrri-tadde'-dudhra). It's unique. I had to call it something so I came up with this.

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