Monday, April 20, 2015

The Matrix of Indolence. By Paul Hall of paulhallart.

Where thoughts do jump, a matrix is that ends in wry of good; that bring to the conclusions of confused or understood.  The Matrix.  Right there.  in your brain.  and in everyone else. Indolence engenders the wry dysfunctional behaviour-resultant thinking (the "" of the thought).  You might imagine that harmless, but think again: the despondence of those only sure  of one thing, that they can't control what they do. It's the collapse of society. It's not just the United States.  It's  apparently endemic in urbanized human nature.  A sociological epidemic.  Minds collapsing into a cultureless void.

As for the artwork in this vignette, it's some of the buttons I created for my website.  Of course, now people just click  links, usually just a typed word itself or a rectangle.  These buttons were kept in a file called the button locker.

I even made a work of digital art of buttons that are actual links in that page.  It's at the bottom of the digital art menu  in my website

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