Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Matrix

Are you content with being a human being? Perhaps... And that's the problem: Contentment.
All of you, you are not thought of as human beings but disrespected by the elite as merely being nothing more than cattle to be culled and harvested to serve their incompetent craze for wealth. We are about to become something increasing more than cruel, insensitive, impotent human beings.
But you've got to get past the placation of fulfilled petty desires. Honed skill and absolute dedication are fine when it comes to making stone arrow-heads and axes, but in modern society it only serves in the fabrication of false fronts and hypocrisy: because NOBODY is THAT good.
It is not in becoming what you are or what the admired WERE, but rather it is in reaching out to the beyond, to the ends of the Universe and the other ones as well, past, present and future. Melding science with the humanities; humbling ourselves, admitting primitiveness, and submitting to changing by receiving that spark that comes from beyond ourselves...
Where thoughts do jump a matrix is that ends in wry or good;
the bring to the conclusions of confused or understood.
And there in tiny chasms between the thought's insight,
in waves and then in spasms, eternity does fight ...
Against that which shall never be. If only man would look
lest that which he does entertain be stricken from life's book.
But men say "Que sera, sera", resigning all to fate;
where matrices of indolence dash all hope until too late.
... until too late.

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