Thursday, April 9, 2015

Figures of the Live -- Artwork and song by Paul Hall of paulhallart

in the days of old there was a natural environment. That is to say, the natural environment is an abstract one. When it becomes imitated by humankind, they bring their tool upon it and it becomes polluted.
Art is not actually established by academics or commercialists. The real art is selected by the sick that are cured by it.
The conflict between greed and victim is now too great. Seeing as the thieves in control now seek to keep the people sick, it is up to the people to produce their own art (and also to exercise and to stop lying).
Modern art gives everyone the chance to do their artwork without the fear of not being good enough. Their work will become a part of nature since it is not a clever imitation of what already exists.
This is imperative so they will no longer be victimized. The art is nothing but a tool and the natural process of the miracle that will elevate the beholder to a higher I.Q. intelligence that knits with experience to produce wisdom with age. there is a healing of the genetic code and this can be supplemented by hiking in nature on pilgrimage ...

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