Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yellow Bird or "Ti Zwazo" (cover by Paul Hall of paulhallart).

Classic Caribbean number by a Haitian-US-American around the beginning of the 20th Century.  Made famous by Harry Belefonte and then many others, it's one of my favorites.  I used to play it in the Caribbean and subsequently I was followed around by a cute little yellow bird who always used to cheer me up.  I've even got a couple of vids of the little yellow bird on my oldsanjuanart videos somewhere.

-- This video is 3-D capable.  Just click the "change quality" feature at the bottom of the video frame (the "gear" icon), then click the 3D icon when it appears to get the setting that matches your glasses.  No glasses? Click on the "no glasses" link and then look at the 2 images in the video cross-eyed until a 3rd appears in the center.

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