Monday, April 27, 2015

Perhaps by Paul, the third of June, 1987, Caracas, Venezuela.

Perhaps when curtains lace the sky in sunset's purple robe

and all the coolness perpetrates your corner of the globe

or when the stars begin to shine

their stories for to tell,

You'll see a world you never saw 

twixt heaven and twixt hell.

The verbal referendum 

of the madness of the day

to the teaching of forever 

must soon or late give way

where Love relates it's secrets 

to the calm, who willing, hear

and the rose and violet sunset points to something to revere.

Drag not the daily madness

to your living room at night

where contrasts dull to flatness

in your artificial light.

For somewhere there waits for you

in the stillness out beyond

a lover in the twilight who can bring a lasting bond.

Hermetically they strip them down 

and comfort them with lies

of wealth and health and wisdom,

those who natural things despise.

And desolate and naked, 

the richest of them go

unto their wretched businesses and never will they know.

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