Monday, April 27, 2015

Love is Blue, Both Sides Now, Annie's Song, Early Morning Rain (harmonic...

4 songs by  Popp, Mitchell, Denver & Lightfoot: Love is Blue, Both Sides Now, Annie's Song, Early Morning Rain -- cover with my C maj. Blues Band harmonica.  plus a slide show of original photography of Alaska.  something beautiful 4u.

I don't know if u ever get a chance2read this, but each of these songs have a MUCH different "connotation" for me.  Love is NOT blue at all, people who reject love are the blues element of love, and therefore not worth singing about.  Someone like Mitchell may THINK she's been2"both" SIDES now, nowhere near.  dear.  u been2a couple of measly facets of human gossipy totally false-fronted society sort of things, and that work, tho somewhat valid in certain ways, is way off base, complaining, and actually somewhat arrogant; a waste of the beautiful music Mitchel was on the way2composing....   Another case when the subject wasn't worth the song.  Annie.  where were you when John needed you?  It's the melody I cover, notice, not the words.  spoiled brats r not worth dying for.  I'd live to help them but they usually are way too proud for that.  And Early Morning Rain!  another beautiful melody and useful.  I sang it when I worked at Seatack Airport in Seattle and in a couple of years I was flying on those birds!  it's like that beautiful island off of Suva, Fiji.  I kept staring at it from Namandi Heights where Liem let me go to his place to paint my triptych (see MY love song "Figures of the Live" paulhallart) "... so near and yet so far"...  and in a little while, I was walking on that island taken their by total strangers in their motor boat.  See, Joannie, when you've been through a few of the deeper facets of life, you'll have written a more profound, more accurate, more beautiful and by far more UNPOPULAR song.  Stop telling those brats they've got their lives together.

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