Monday, April 20, 2015

The Philadelphia Experiment. Assumably ongoing... flaming compass, walk...

Use of electrolysis4the so-called "transportation" of matter...

-- This video is 3-D capable.  Just click the "change quality" feature at the bottom of the video frame (the "gear" icon), then click the 3D icon when it appears to get the setting that matches your glasses.  No glasses? Click on the "no glasses" link and then look at the 2 images in the video cross-eyed until a 3rd appears in the center.

Electrolysis is used in separating aluminum from it's ore, bauxite.  Maybe that's how Einstein got the idea.

When the ship was returned the compass was being removed and on the gangplank, it "burst into flames".  This can be seen in some galaxies where the spirals extend.  All forces in physics are really aberrations of expansion velocities and some elements like those found in a compass, focus the expansion faster in one or double-one (two) directions.  like solar prominences...

When the crew was ashore again, for a long time thereafter, many would start to disappear.  They were often brought back by people who hadn't been aboard touching them.  some would walk through walls and never be seen again.

the Philadelphia effect was observed in other cases before the experiment.  in one instance a French soldier stepped out of his barracks and was in New York City, but that cannot be verified.  Matter transfer was also recorded in the Bible in at least three times, the earliest being in what we might consider prehistoric times.

Theoretically, it may be possible to use electrolysis to desalinate sea water and even retrieve chlorine from the brine and use that to restore the photosynthesis-height capabilities to existing plant life to control global warming.

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