Saturday, April 4, 2015

Laugh is a Beach. "Serfs up!!!") (humor by Paul).

Laugh is a Beach

Out here under the shadow of the nuke reactor, nobody seems2notice... maybe not, augustbe. jokes, Outer Banks NC beach sound, Carlsbad CA beach photos. the lot. 

so I'm out there clamoring over the wet rocks in the jetty and out there next2the sea gulls. then I realized they were my only friends. zat's ok. There's something seriously wrong with the people anyway. Looks like there's a red tide out there. And the waves breaking. Uh, must be a lunch break.

There's some sand castles here just waiting for high tide. That's odd. If they wanted to wait, they should've worked in a restaurant.

They say the sand cliffs are unstable. That's bad news for horses and donkeys.

I saw a little ground squirrel running around. Huh, I guess if he was still running, they didn't grind him up well enough.

I saw a seagull land, and he was folding his wings. I thought that was really good. I need to take one of those along with me on my next trip. He can fold my maps for me.

They've got a lot of sea weed out here -- strands of sea weed lying on the beech. Well, you really don't have to say that, because it wouldn't be standing. If it was standing outside of the water, it would be outstanding.

There's a lot of surfers catching waves out here, but one of them, I guess, he doesn't catch anything. He must have had too much vitamin C.

I saw one guy walking down by the sea shore, here, with a cell phone. So, even though he seems to be free, he's just a prisoner with a cell.

Well, people say their whole world is changing around them, that it's quite disorienting, everybody's going digital. What I have to say about it is didgu or don't you? Didgutal or didn'tdgutal?

But, seriously. With progress going as fast as it is, you wonder what happened to Prague.

Well. The, uh, the movement forward is like the tide, here. It waits for no man. You know. They say he who hesitates is lost, right? Well, tellim' to join the club.

This cave man was out trying to look for a wife to join the club -- his club. He's trying to make a big hit. That's how they got baseball started, you know? It's like they had to have a cave man first, you know? -- Before you could have baseball.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, none of them came first. You know, in those days, everyone was too chicken to lay an egg.

Okay, uh, those waves are breaking on the sand. I don't know why they call them "breaking" because, uh, I don't see any pieces around, but, you know, uh, it makes a beautiful sound. Hear the foam. It sounds like they're telling you that you're wanted on the foam". With their calling card prices it might be "wanted indebted or alive", you know? -- Or both.

But, seriously, it's a beautiful sight out here. In spackled view of the foam as the small waves break on the shoreline and hear the unceasing sound of the waves making their roar. Um, sometimes they break too early and they get an errroar e're they ever break. But those are the breaks. Some wave hello others wave goodbye.

That's where you get the word wave from, you see? Now, the secret is, when you wave, you have to curl your hand, then you don't say hi or lo you're saying jailai.

You know, it's very interesting how waves get curly like that just before they break. They even have a sport on ice called "curling" but it depends on how things slide.

Well, got to go. Too is enough, isn't it?

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