Friday, April 3, 2015

Moon River by Henry Mancini (cover and digital art by Paul Hall of paulhallart)

Regarding art, classical or modern, we have to step back a bit.  We must somehow come to terms with acknowledging our primitive side.

Let's look at the timelessness of art: it really boils down to 2 camps:  the hustlers and the real thing.  The real thing is actually more like medicine for the human condition.

The hustler is the opportunist who milks it for all it's worth, kind of like the forger who could have been a brilliant artist but instead makes a bundle copying someone else.  The real artist works really, really hard at it and in a way, doesn't think too much about remuneration, but rather that he or she is providing something absolutely essential; filling a gap.

My "modern" work and my "classical" work both get stolen on occasion.  I did them because I felt driven.  It felt like a driving instinct to provide something missing from the human equation ...

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