Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Predators of Man -- real or not, they exist.

What's out there is not the question. How indeed does one distinguish between the paranormal and paranoia? For the most part, let's face it. People just don't want to know. And so very few really do, and most of them who are in the know are taken with a grain of salt. But, in fact, if you're going to take an honest look at the actual phenomenon of the fact that mankind itself has predators—then, in many if not most cases, you're going to have to look farther than a normal perceivable environment in which mankind presently finds itself.

You then will also have to take into account the fact that some of your observations will only be paranoia, as the examination of one's predators can often be extremely terrifying, especially considering that many of the real predators that are not fantasies of paranoia cannot be perceived by the senses and can only be observed by the effects of their actions or the "traces" or clues left behind.

Add to all that the simple reality that a lot that pertains to the unknown quantities of the predators of man is virtually beyond the human being's grasp of understanding as well as the fact that almost all biological beings on the face of the Earth are controlled in one way or another so that no human can be assured protection from predators—add all that to the equation and you might not be surprised that the average person quite honestly just doesn't want to know.

The intention is not to enter into an exercise of futility. Bemoaning realities which we humans aren't even psychologically equipped to handle. Much more rather, it is perhaps the beginning of an effort to take reliable measures that will assure that the predators of man nevermore emerge in the first place.

Alright. Let me toss out a phrase for you. "Abuse of mercantile freedom". Sound familiar? No? Here's another one: "Inordinate success attracts predation".

Look in the lessons of recorded history and you will find the phenomenon of the secular trend of it's upheavals, often occurring as violent and massive carnage. You may think the next round won't get you; that you're out of the loop as it were. But think again. We are dealing with something so bizarre and unimaginable that only an abstract expressionist could envision it. Or perhaps the not so abstract expressionist, such as the artists of the orient that envisioned dragons, or the peoples of some wilderness whose collective sub-conscious depicted horrific creatures. They would know, as they are the only ones with time and silence to ponder the true dilemma of so successful a creature as man.

The people are really never going to have elections that will select the proper leadership over them. First of all it's well established the very poor track record that majorities have had throughout mankind's tenure. Next, most elections are Banana Republic style, probably rigged or maybe even won by default like the last presidential one in this country that was decided by the Supreme Court.

So the only truly fair election is that which inevitably is decided by default but of the higher order far beyond any court of man's law. The flow is almost as regular as the tide: freedom, abuse, dictatorship, empire. And that is the only true election. The majority votes by it's behavior. The crime gets committed and the criminal gets busted by an empire. That is the pattern of history. 

But I don't see it as human beings controlling other human beings. Mankind was perhaps fortunate in that the Third Reich happened at a time when the predators of man could only find Adolph when they were looking for some fresh meat to personify their actions. What if they had found another Alexander? What if they had found a professional soldier capable of swaying masses to commit acts of suicide as well as commanding a war on two fronts?

Now let's bring it up to the present. Yes, I'm afraid my analogy fits. There has been a massive abuse of mercantile freedom on a global scale this time. And that calls for a global emperor and his predatory masters, real or not. The predation need not be even so much as a reality. That's the shocking part. The saber-toothed tiger fifty miles tall or the fire-breathing napalm spitting flying dragon need only be the reality of collective thought patterns in massive numbers of human minds fulfilling some sort of terminal pattern. 

We are trying to attempt to comprehend something we don't have the intelligence to realize exists, whatever form it may take. I'm trying to get to some point, like the narrator in H.G. Well's "War of the Worlds", where you and I, hopefully, won't become just another statistic for which any who temporarily survive will have run out of body bags to handle. And even if we should go, at least it would be with some comprehension of what it is evoking such massive carnage.

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