Friday, April 3, 2015

The Time Bends in the Distance (available in 3D) - Song and digital art ...

One of my songs played on my old 12-string Takimine in a garage in Bethel, Connecticut in '78 about my constant travels as a poor man.

-- This video is 3-D capable.  Just click the "change quality" feature at the bottom of the video frame (the "gear" icon), then click the 3D icon when it appears to get the setting that matches your glasses.  No glasses? Click on the "no glasses" link and then look at the 2 images in the video cross-eyed until a 3rd appears in the center. --

-- The visual is some digital art I did in Carlsbad California in 2004.  Digital art is the aardvark in the bark, you quark. -- about ten variations on a work called "Bemtmationationallee", done in Carlsbad, California back in 2004.

The original folk song by me, "The Time Bends in the Distance" is the theme song for my anthology, "Archives of Time and Distance".  Written in Montpelier,  at about six in the morning, at a local cafe, way back in 1980.

Almost all my 1980 songs were written in cafes, where I joked that my breakfast was an espresso and a bic pen.

Paul A. L. Hall

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