Friday, April 3, 2015

Neon Red -- Locked Razor

Plus my drawing "Chicken and Transistors".  2 songs: aproach city skyline red lights; inducement of urban insanity.  On the 12-string.  "Don't tell me you don't hold a locked razor.  You hold it in your little hand.  You're going crazy, every woman, child and man.  Don't you know it can get out of hand?  Don't you know it can get out of hand!  Locked razor blades -- known to have gotten out of hand."

A vignette based on a series of digital art studies I did in Carlsbad, California, 2005, based on a sketch I did in Greenwich Village, New York, NY, back in 1965.  Dang.  That's forty years and twice around the earth.

The songs I wrote in Europe back in 1980.  "Neon Red" in Amsterdam, Holland, and "Locked Razor" written on the Glingencourt metro line in Paris the same year.

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