Friday, April 3, 2015

Start With Nothing

How Do You Start With Nothing?

Written by Paul Hall in a small one-person tent in the Joinville Camp Grounds in the suburbs of Paris, in 1981.
(c) (p) by Paul Hall, 1987.

How do you start with nothing?
First you start with air.
Then you energize hydroxide in terra
to prepare.
You must do the movement.
You must bring the seed.
You must gather people
once you have agreed.

First there is the nothing,
then there is the small.
Anywhere you are
you can find those "none at all"
that grow into the healthy
and avoid the death
of the hatred of the selfish
and the jealous frosted breath.

There's no need 
for being giant
or being great with haste.
in time gone by
will only lead to waste.
Keep searching for the balance
not striving for excess.
Keep trying every valence
until you find success.

True success always comes from "nothing".  The power of zero.

This is a song I wrote in the Joinville Camp Grounds in the suburbs of Paris back in 1980.

The artwork is a piece of digital art I did back in Carlsbad, California, in 2004, called "Brontnentiantio".

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